Should khoath’s livejournal be put to bed?

I’ve given serious thought over the past few weeks towards shutting this blog down for a number of reasons and i’m wondering what other people think.
I don’t post in here often anymore for a number of reasons.
Firstly, I never seem to put the time aside to post. A lot of the stuff I want to post is either sensitive, not work safe or is likely to upset someone.

I’ve split people into friends groups in the hopes of partitioning this all off but what inevidibly happens is friends talk and this system is by no means foolproof.
It also seems that many people attach significance to beeing on my “friends” list.
The way my journal is currently set up I have an empty default view and various groups that allow me to filter friends, heavy and trusted.
I see all my friends pages by appending filter=0 to the friends page url thereby turning off the filters.
If someone pulls my friends list, they see the empty default view which stops people looking through my list of friends and harvesting them.
A friend of mine was going through my friends list messaging all the girls on the list that looked interesting.
Perhaps I should have not locked down the friends list and allowed this person their social networking but I felt (perhaps incorrectly) that it was unfair for this person to start building relationships with people i’d just started getting to know.

I also find lj rather noisy, and the swag of “loud twitter” just leaves me hitting h and jumping piles and piles of entries. Quicker to just take the people off the default view.

Those who genuinly post tend to interest me with their posts, but loud twitter is just conversation fragments with people i’ve often never met.

@coolbloke yeah sounds good.
tells me nothing unless i’m following coolbloke.

I can’t post how I feel about certain friends unless I make the posts private or put them in an offline journal as humans do talk and the friends in question end up finding out and things get messy.

I guess I could confine my posts to tech reviews tricks etc, and take all the emo out of the posts, but that negates the venting uses I had previously put the lj to.

I’ve noticed many of my friends don’t post much anymore, as if blogging became a fad that nobody has time for these days, and I wonder what has changed in society to reduce attention spans to the point where blogging is no longer cool or seems not to be as common.

Perhaps people genuinly outgrow it and find other things to do and occupy their time.
I’ve got plenty lined up to potentially post on my depression, battles with procrastination (which I appear to loose tonight) but I wonder whether there is indeed a need to post that stuff and would anyone really enjoy reading all that?

If only my knowledge such that it is and my experiences could be archived somewhere for others to use, that would be really cool.

Well enough writing for tonight, perhaps this journal will see more posts who knows. If not, I need to back up the entries I have written, they should probably be archived regardless.
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4 Replies to “Should khoath’s livejournal be put to bed?”

  1. I know I don’t see many posts from you. But I’m merely a casual online friend. Though I think the fellow trolling your friendlist for girls sounds like a bit of a jerk.

    In the old days, people had these mysterious things called diaries. No one read them except the writer, or a sneaky person, or someone they chose to show it to. That’s where people vented.

    I don’t know the numbers involved here. If you’ve got ten people you want to share certain information with but not other information, why not just e-mail them? If you don’t want them to talk to a certain person or other people about it, tell them that, too. They don’t have access to how you’ve got your permissions set up, right? How are they to divine who you don’t want knowing what you’ve posted?

    So, you should post what you want to post here, as per usual. I know in my journal I only post sometimes. And I hardly ever post things if I’m not willing to have them read by just about anyone. So I don’t talk there about sex or other buzzwords.

  2. I think you’ve answered your own question.

    Everyone on LJ is too sensitive when you write stuff these days, they take it personally and then tell each other anyway, so friends groups do not work as being sacred, which was the point I was trying to get across to Rachel.

    I think no one is writing because now people are feeling they do not want to reveal that much personal detail about themselves to each other. If you say something in person to someone, it is never documented, and they are less likely to tell someone else because it is a verbal understanding. But if you blog something, then that person is more likely to copy and paste it for someone else. Also, when you write something, it is more permanant, and people can take more permanant offense and make more permanat judgements about you, and this can happen across time. The longer you blog, the more you realise you are building up a picture about yourself, and you wonder if that is waht you really want.

    I have been mor into self preservation than writing about my struggles and battles, which is a big change for me. I thought it was just because of my change of circumstances and therefore a change on outlook about things, but as I look around my friends page, I realise that it is a self preservation that everyone seems to be taking.

    I’ve noticed in some looking around for communities that I was doing, that even they are all members locked nowerdays. Gone are the days of everyone sharing and caring for each other in blogs, everyone is afraid of the angry and disctructive PEBKAK judges out there.

    The Emo stuff and the like could probably go into a private diary, or you could form an annonymous LJ. The internet seems to have gone through this cycle where at first we all used Nick’s, then we all put up blogs in our names and were being honest, and now we’re all guarded and not writing anything. i have been contemplating starting an annoynmous blog myself.

    As for the Loud Twitter thing, they raelly need to stop it from posting the replies to other people. Like you said, “@kookbloke yeah that’s awesome” means nothing to the rest of us. However, I have no problem reading people’s real tweets.

    I personally don’t see LJ friends as a real ist of friends. It is regretable that LJ use the term friends, because that puts people under a misimpression. I will delete people because I have fallen out with them, I will delete people because I don’t like their posts and I will delete people because they haven’t been active for a while. And I make no apologies about it. Maybe I should post public about why I delete someone when I do it, and maybe cause some more LJ drama, maybe that would be interesting.

    I think I might rehash this comment as a post because it’s a pretty big speel about how I feel.

  3. I’m sure you’ll make whatever decision feels right for you – you’re not one to make choices on the basis of how popular or liked they might make you. As a friend of yours on the other side of the country, your blog is one way for me to keep in touch with what you’re doing. Which feels a bit hypocritical since I’m one of the people not posting much anymore (less about ‘outgrowing’ blogging and more about sheer lack of time and energy since I started the current job last year). In spite of my own lack of ability to post much right now, I’m still reading.

    I guess the question is whether you feel you can find other means of doing what you’ve been doing through your LJ. You may find that whatever you do – locked posts, private conversations in person, filtered Facebook status updates – you still have some of the problems you’ve outlined. That’s not a problem with the technology then, it’s a problem with the people concerned not respecting your wishes. If one of the issues is frequency of contact rather than depth then maybe FaceBook and Twitter can help.

    Just my two cents. Hope you’re well. 🙂

  4. only you can make that decision.
    you don’t post a lot lately and I find it hard knowing that I’m sharing a lot of myself and I don’t hear as much from you. I like it when you do post though; i like your openness.

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