Jan 17

Monday and things got really busy. In the morning my brother and I started putting together mum’s pc. He did the hardware and we did the software. the system had been installed on a celeron SIS chipset system and the machine we built was via duron. XP decided that was a radical change of hardware and refused to boot. Great so it was time to reinstall the whole operating system and reload all the bibs and bobs onto the machine. The hardware went together with little problem and we even managed to get the dlink pci modem going with the default windows drivers. The Dlink drivers refused to work properly so I let Windows install the connexant drivers and got on with my life.
Installing the OS was a no-brainer and getting on the net was simlarly unexciting. Had to get down drivers and things which took up most of the day.
at about 5 it was time to leave for our anniversary dinner at the Marigold restraunt. This is by far my most favourite chinese restraunt and I was thrilled that finally got to try the food there. She enjoyed it a lot. Judy Allanson and Marg Newman were there and it was great to catch up with them all after so long. Judy asked if we could stay at her place and spend a little longer in Tamworth. We decided to do this since it was unlikely that we would get back to Tamworth any time soon in the future.
Dinner was excellent and we all had a dish of our choosing. They put us up in a little room upstairs which was nice and private.
I bid goodbye to Nanna and Aunty Wendy who weren’t going to be there on our return and we jumped into Judy’s car and went off to see her brother John and some friends that were over. We met a poet called Bryan and also caught up with Liz and Brian Chapman. I hadn’t seen them for years.
We had a cup of tea at john’s and talked to all the people present. Gemma got on well with Liz which was good. The poet had enough wise cracks to sink a battleship but for each line he had I had a rejoiner. Poor Gemma had to sit and bare it all.
I also caught up with Eliot Mcmaster who was a man who had been on the berma railway in world war 2. He is an interesting fellow and I was glad Gemma got to meet him.
We decided to go back to Judies house since we were all tired. We slept in the spare bedroom in a double bed and had a nice shower before going to bed. Judy offered Gemma some face cream which upset her for some reason which we still haven’t got to the bottom of. Caught up on the marital stuff since we had been staying in places where that kind of thing wasn’t really convenient.
Over all a full and eventful day.

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