I’m still alive

This is one of those quikc update posts that says i’m still alive and have not forgotten my lj altogether.
Grace and I are doing Well, with the initial problems that one would expect mostly solved. I’ll probably document this in another post.
Gemma and Will are together, and i’m limiting contact as I don’t really need to see either of them carry on with mush and i’m guessing they don’t need to see grace and I do the same.
I have nothing against either of them however it’ll take a little more time before I stop subconciously caring about what Gemma gets up to, given that it is now none of my concern/business. I guess 9 years of habbits are hard to break.

The angsty post-gemma post is probably likely to sho up protected in the next week or so, to get the residuals out of my system.

We might find out tomorrow whether or not Cavi gets funding and whehter or not I am looking for a new job or not.
fun times indeed.
Looking forward to going over east from New Year’s eve, till the 18th.
Anyway enough for now write more later.

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  1. You’ll be right.

    Trust me – it gets better with time. You’re right – even if you aren’t in love with anyone anymore, it’s hard to break habits that become ingrained over time. But they *will* break.
    Just enjoy the happiness you’ve got… and I know it’s hard to believe, but Will will take good care of Gemma. Despite being a self-confessed bastard sometimes, it’s never in malice without a good reason, and he’s an incredibly stable, witty and intelligent (dare I say sexy??) individual which is exactly what Gemma needs right now. He’s also good at sorting people out and helping then break their own old habits! Sure, he’s not a sex bunny who runs on Red Bull, but maybe that would be good for Gemma too.
    She gets his sense of humour too and he delights in how easy it is to make her laugh, so they will be fine. Even if they aren’t together til death do them part, at this point in time they are both good for eacother. That’s important.

    Really glad to hear you and Grace are still going… hope the distance factor isn’t putting too much strain on things!

    I have astro physicist friends over in Perth now that I owe a return visit, so I’ll drop you a line sometime and see if we can catch up… I think we’d have a lot to talk about!

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