this weekend

Well not a lot done this weekend. A lot of it was spent tooling with alsa drivers and getting the 2 sample boxes going. I sampled the first minidisk of the wedding and now have it as a .wav file. time to splice it up into tracks and burn it to cd. The recording came out well and you can hear most of what is going on with clarity and chrispness.
Been feeling a bit flat the last 2 days or so; can’t isolate the reasons at this point. Gemma is battling with Perl which I wish her luck in. It’s one of these things I will have to make time to do one of these days. I did help her with some of the Linux stuff today to give her a directed prod in the right direction. She is learning rapidly and is going a long way towards getting on top of the Uni Argh.

Jade was over yesterday and ordered his laptop. I reckn he is looking forward to it turning up and I can’t blame him.
I spoke to Leah last night and I enjoyed that a lot. I appologized for taking so long to figure out I was Poly since she would have definitely been a person who could have bennifited from this knowledge.
I have resolved to write a few more things in this blog things I should not necessarily be ashamed of.
As long as they don’t adversely affect other people or cause the gossips to get mungering I should be fine. I can say for example that I am Polyamorous person even if I am slow to take up opportunities. I can’t say that such and such is really hot and I want them bad since if that person reads my journal (which in fact many people do) or there friends do then this person might feel that my opinions should not be up for the world to read. No nobody needs to feel bad about the above comment;
I usually get to telling most people I like that I like them so that a tellall is not required on lj. phew.

Apparently marriage is spelt like that and I have been getting it wrong for months. I really wish someone had commented and told me this. I am married after all and should probably know how to spell that word. I suppose I could get divorced but then that would mean learning to spell another word and I really love Gemma far to much to even consider that sort of action.
I don’t think peple need to read about how much I love Gemma since my past entries do a good job of touching on this point.
Spoke to Tabitha Friday for her birthday; it was nice to hear her voice. The conversation centered around how wonderful Cameron is which is to be expected. I was tired so I got off the phone and had a sleep. Tabitha is not beeing singled out here; I hate it when _anyone_ goes on and on about their s.o. and it has caused yelling matches between nickibooh and myself on previous occations. She doesn’t go “My sweety; my sweety” anymore which is wonderful.
Anyway my dinner is ready.

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