The day after boxing day

Ah well here I am posting again and this time I am a lot happier. Gemma and I sorted our differences well at least we sorted the ones that upset me so much the other day. The fact that she looses perspective sometimes upsets me a lot and I find it hard to deal with. We had lunch today with Gemma’s parents. We made them hot dogs and chips which they enjoyed. I was busting to tell Colin what I got him for christmas but just managed to hold back. It’s bloody hot at the moment and I can’t sleep. this is not useful at all because I will screw my sleeping patterns again. Knew I shouldn’t have gone to sleep this afternoon for 2 hours but you live and learn. We had Crypticgirl and Chromatica well I can’t be bothered with that funky lj stuff just yet over for christmas dinner.
Chromatica cooked the chicken stir fry which rocked. Basically we pointed him at the kitchen and wock and said “make dinner.” he didn’t make a mess; put everything back where it belonged and made a damn nice stir fry into the bargin. Nice to have a sighted person who doesn’t fuck up the layout of your kitchen. woo hoo.
We all did a lot of talking and tibiania came over. She was complaining about her interactions with her family. one dad she will realize that her father stirs for a reaction and she can either just laugh or ignore him. He just wants a reaction. If she complains and wobbles he has won. If she yells at him he has won. If she sulks he has won. You just react to him and get on with your life. Eva was beeing teenaged and batable; (we went over to 7 for afternoon visit) so that was fun. We gave Chris a fishtank (usb with plastic fish) which he reckned was cool and tacky. I got no Christmas presents which was ok. I did get a bag of lollies and $50 from Gemma’s parents. We gave them spare cleaning supplies. not at all exciting but they will find them useful. we’re off to adultshop sometime this week or next to buy a couple of items that I can use with my darling. I’m looking forward to widening our sexual horizons if possible and having a lot more fun. I went through a phase where I was heavily into b&d s&m stuff and sometimes I want to relive a little of that from time to time.
Tying a girl up and having your way with them (making sure they are willing of course) is high on my fun things to do list.
I allways had a fantasy of having a girl with long hair; I doubt that will ever happen since ghoath keeps her hair cut short for maintainance reasons. It was nice and long before the wedding and it was fun to run my fingers through.
I sometimes think about going back to the b&d s&m social gatherings but most people there are really strange. So many people can’t be into s&m stuff without going a little loopy in the head.
I find that insanity hard to deal with at times since some of the people are quite flawed.
Had another chat with ghoath about my prepensity to flert. I’m making mountains out of molehills again it seems. Just because I make women smile isn’t something to worry about at least as far as she is concerned. Still; I have more freedom in this marridge then I ever thought possible. If I got drunk at a party and got with some girl it’s nice to know we could talk about it and more than likely move on with our lives.
got to fix a computer for ghoath’s parents. basically a backup and textbook re-install with some wireless drivers. When I was younger I used to dream of swapping technical work on computers for sex with cute girls; (don’t most techs I guess?) I must say that nowadays the money is more useful and most of the cute girls are married
I think I have had enough rambling for the moment so I might go and wash my feet to cool off and see how tired I feel. I’m feeling a lot more possitive about my maridge.
even if things wibble a bit; I firmly believe I’ve chosen the right girl and I know she loves me. It makes life so much easier.
till next time.

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