Tell me I do not need to choose but I know I must

In this blog I write about many things and one of them is a list of the struggles I have as a poly-amorous person.

Today i’d like to talk about the desire to have all of someone’s attention.
In your average relationship this is not an issue at all, if you want to spend time with your significant other you simply go find them and choose what you two are going to do together.
You might have to choose if you are going out to the bar or staying at home (to pick on a stereotype) but generally it is smooth sailing.

Often I am put in a situation where one girl desires all of my attention to the exclusion of others.
From a practical standpoint this makes sense and it adds to the amount of together time you get to spend with one of your partners.
The problem arises when one girl wants you all to herself and you have to decide who you are spending time with.

Depending on the day a couple of things can happen.
In the best situation A and B decide to hang out together. In this outcome I get to spend time with both and we all have fun.

Other times one girl will find something else to do leaving me with the other and there is no conflict.
Generally however I either have to choose one or the other or ignore both of them.
It is worth noting however, “I will not make you choose” translates to “Pick one, and I’ll do my best not to complain about it.” in most cases.

I am convinced there is no easy solution to this problem because regardless of what I choose someone is likely to loose out.
If I pick 1: the other is understandably sad.
If I pick neither, then I end up loosing out on company.

Curious to see how other people handle this, feel free to leave a comment.
thanks for reading.

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