I am an erotic hypnotist

I am an erotic hypnotist, so what does that really mean?

This article is not here to discuss whether hypnosis exists or not, or whether it is scientifically proven. I refer you to the skeptoid episode on this topic which I will link to soon.

firstly a little history. I started studying hypnosis toward the end of 2012 when I discovered it was indeed possible to be a totally blind hypnotist. I had always been fascinated by the processes involved in hypnotizing people and was keen to learn the skills to help people.

Grace bought me a ticket to a 2.5 day hypnosis certification course run by the Success Academy Australia which I had planned to attend in late January. As I was set to travel to the eastern states before this, I loaded up my iPhone with media and some of that media consisted of Hypnosis a comprehensive guide, Creating Deep Trance Phenomena by Tad James. This is an 8 part audio program that teaches various hypnotic inductions from direct style through to indirect.
This program was enjoyed on the flight to Brisbane and I was excited to dip my toe into this amazing world.
I tried an induction on the trip with a friend, however it was not as successful as I hoped it would be and I realized I needed more practice.
Upon my return to Perth I attended the 2.5 day workshop and they showed us a progressive relaxation induction and a few techniques to help people stop smoking, gain confidence, control food cravings and the very basics of pain control.

The organizers tried to sell us their expensive NLP courses however I didn’t have the money or inclination to continue on with their style of training.

I do plenty of theraputic hypnosis, and in fact pain control is something I specialize in however this is not what this article is about.
Grace was cruising through fetlife and discovered a local guy was running an Erotic Hypnosis workshop.
I contacted him and asked if I could show up and learn some stuff stating I had a little hypnosis knowledge but was willing to learn. He actually encouraged me to teach what I knew and get involved with the group and contribute what I could.

This group of people taught me about the power of the human mind especially where imagination and hypnosis is concerned. By learning basic techniques, polishing some inductions and optimizing my wording I learnt it was possible to assist people in exploring their erotic limits.
Girls could have multiple orgasms, and be brought to an extremely high level of arousal using trance to intensify their experiences.
Guys could also have their state enhanced and could have some amazing experiences.
By building hypnosis into my phone and skype play I learnt that using trance and reality shaping could greatly enhance the power of the encounters. A secret sauce if you like.

I’m not going to outline how this works on this blog, as I do not want any school child using these techniques to influence or covertly manipulate people. If you want more info then feel free to get in touch with me or hit your favourite search engine for more info.
There are books on Amazon such as Hypnotize your lover a complete guide to erotic hypnosis, and mindplay-erotic hypnosis which are good resources to start with.
Whilst it is possible to use a simple induction and basic erotic hypnosis techniques to get results, you become far more adaptable as a hypnotist if you learn more induction styles, and basic concepts. for this you may want to look at books like Hypnotherapy, client centric aproaches and other books that show up well rated in the hypnosis category on kindle.

You can buy programs on erotic Hypnosis from people like Major Mark Cunningham and David Shade however these programs are not cheap, and if you have a local group or meeting, this might be even cheaper.

Ethics are also extremely important. If you break someone’s trust in trance, it can be incredibly difficult to re-establish it again.

Erotic hypnosis is a lot of fun and for the curious it can certainly widen your horizons.

I did get the chance to try these skills out on my partners at the time and have achieved some amazing results.
Not everyone is hypnotizable, and hypnosis is not a magic bullet solution to all of your problems, it is a tool that can greatly assist with change and experience amplification.

If you want more information do feel free to get in touch and i’ll help as I can.
thanks for reading.