Posting in here although I don’t have a lot to write. We saw Gemma’s friend Simon today whihch was nice; made him spring rolls and rice and of course we had some too. I got a new chordless screwdriver from Bunnings which is really cool. I was going to give my old one to Gemma but it looks like both of mine will be useful for different things so I should probably keep both. Gemma is better with a manual screwdriver anyway; she’s getting better but we usually leave the hardware to me.
We put more ram into the printer last night now it says it has 128meg which is strange considering it should only have a 64 and a 16 in it. Suppose we see if it crashes. Want to throw a big picture at it see how it copes might photocopy something like the megamemory book. I have a shitload of computer work to do today so I should probably get started on it need to put gotss1 back into its case since it just had its system board replaced. finally got the bluetooth working between my phone and laptop with the microsoft stack. now how to get the bloody witcom stack running with the Belkin dongle? argh. If anyone knows how to get the witcom stuff working under sp2 feel free to post a comment.
keeping strange hours at the moment hope they settle down when I go on Holidays. Will be strange going on holidays with a laptop but should be cool must rememver to pack some adapters and a modem. we can share the internet link with wireless or bluetooth so that is cool. We also got a new shower head you guessed it for our shower. Writing all this stuff shows me how borring my life must look to others. Comments?
supposed to set up the vpn stuff before I go away. ha ha ha like that will happen. Would have been nice to get on the network from away in the field but guess it won’t happen. Musst update the work packs before we leave or computer maintainance will be a real problem since we need to fix Carmanmary’s computer and my mum’s if I get it built.
Getting new shelving tomorrow so I can stack stuff in the bedroom. added worm1000 to my friends list so I can see his entries.
think that is all I need to write at the moment might look for some dinner and get started on all this computer work that needs doing. hopefully food will motivate me to get off my arse.

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