Stuff happens

time to bring the few readers up to date on what has been happening.
I saw Tiki Friday and had a wonderful time. I got 3 hugs.
I enjoyed a yummy 100% pineapple thing covered with chocolate from Fresh Provisions
at Mt. Lawley. It was strange to walk around with Tiki because she does not
usually ware shoes; so rather than listening for clomp clomp
I had to listen for plik plik.
I allways thought i’d find a girl who walked in bare feet sexy;
but it’s the girl who walks on those feet I think is hot. (sorry Tiki; that’s as much
as i’m writing on that here or probably anywhere for that matter).
was with us for lunch; and we got to see Tiki’s place and eat
our hungry jacks on the floor with glasses of red cordial.
Yoga went well for Gemma and the Harold stuff went ok she said.
Friday night and we were tired; but I got onto Msn and spoke to Tabitha.
We had a huge discussion about all sorts of things; what makes a wedding; what
it means in a maridge to share and all sorts of stuff.
We organized to go over to her place Saturday and for me
to fix the computer. Ross confirmed Saturday
and we finally got to bed.
Saturday and we went to fix Ross’s computer and have lunch.
Cleaned up 183 spyware objects and a virus or two. The computer is happier
but all that took all afternoon.
Organized to have Cameron come over for dinner at tabby’s place as well.
I got a lift back to home to pick up the computer gear and
assembled the technical arsinal and headed over to Wembley.
Dinner went well; pizza was nice and introductions went well.
After Iron Cheff things went rather crazy. Gemma had been
meaning to get dropped home by Cam and I was meant to stay at Tabitha’s place
to fix the computer. These plans underwent change that all parties were not
happy with.
The events and details are not noted here since it is not apropriate for this
information to be up on the net.
I collected my gear; Tabby gave us cab money and Gemma and I went home.
I had really wanted to stay the night and fix the computer the next day; but it
wasn’t to be.
Thankfully the cab turned up quickly and we got home easily enough.
I did not have time to leave the modems; so they’ll have to go over sometime
although not sure when.
Right now; i’m dealing with the fallout of last night; i’ve past
through denial and am now dealing with my grief and anger.
No one person or event is to blaim; it’s all the complicated interaction of
humans and feelings.
I need to talk to my friends; when they can talk to me to lay this all to rest.
Cam; i’m sorry this all blew up like it did and Tabby I still
want to be your friend dispite all this.
Maybe I don’t like NCIS or tv very much but I do miss helping you
with your computer and having you cook for me.
And I miss the hugs from my friend. Talk to me when you can.
I’ll have more to write when things in my head stop
prodding me and when i’ve talked to everyone concerned.
Here’s to a better day tomorrow.

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