Saturday Jan 22

The television was still out on Saturday when we got up in the morning. this
had caused various amounts of slight panic because nobody could watch the
Tennis. I asked to try to re-tune the television in which
she agreed to do. A quick read of the book; a couple of scans of VHF High
and 7 was not to be found.
We had gotten up late so just after breakfast it was time to have lunch.
With one day to go in Taree we decided to knuckle down and take a look at
CarmanMary’s computer. I had known it was running Windows 2000 but wasn’t
sure what else was out of date on it.
Basically the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to fix the machine. We
had to apply service pack 4 which fixed the usb 2.0 controllers. the idiot
who had worked on the machine before had set them to usb 1.1 compatibility
mode to get around this problem.
We were informed that if music was to be played the speakers had to be
plugged into the front of the cdrom drive. this was a mystery considering
the redbook audio cable was connected to the system board. A look through
device manager showed no sound devices.
The aforementioned idiot had not installed any sound or usb drivers and none
of the chipset specific .infs were installed. One of the things that really
annoys me is people doing a half-arsed job of fixing a computer with no
explanation. this bloke had charged CarmanMary $90 per visit and had not
fixed the sound or usb. Gemma and I were furious.
The only cd that was missing from the whole collection was you guessed it,
the system board cd. the internet was running at a blistering 24000 b/s so
it was off to dfe to download megs and megs of drivers and the like. We did
go up for a cup of tea whilst the machine snailed down the files. We
couldn’t use our speech software because the soundcard wasn’t working and it
hadn’t occurred to me to connect in the usb dongle and we needed uusb2

Dinner was one of my favourites Carmanmary’s lasagne. We weren’t getting on
well with her at this point because her I am old and lazy and can’t be
bothered mentality was getting on our nerves. So many things we have to
fight tooth and nail to do; and sighted people sometimes take it for
I remember one day waiting 3 days to get a bios setup reconfigured so I
could use a new computer I had purchased. If I ever catch the bastard who
set the CMOS default to no floppy drive installed i’ll be having words with

The night was spent installing drivers and patches. Gemma and I kept each
other amuzed with non-computer related activities that we both found
pleasurable. It seemed to make the downloads appear to run faster.
We packed up most of our gear and prepared to go to bed. Last thing we did
before we went to sleep was start off windows update which wanted 39 megs or

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