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Just a post to prove I did things today. Had a productive day actually; got our cisco working and hooked up. it’s not ups protected but it is surge protected. this is handy in itself but until the router becomes critical it won’t be upsed.
Read both Tiki’s posts on lj; hard to believe people can be so silly telling fire engines where to go. Hell if there was a fire in my street I can tell you how many down from such and such and aprox how far. Had to tell a pile of cab drivers so fire people should be no problem especially if the telephone people have heard the word map. Better still if they actually read them. Yeah i’m writing tongue in cheak so don’t mind me.
I compiled up a kernel on the sampling box; the alsa drivers and library then completely failed to get the utils to build since they can’t find a file that should exist in a directory. damn things. Well we’ll see. Had to build the kernel twice because the first time I built it it had smp enabled which is not a lot of good on a uniprocesser box.
Nicki came over to read cisco notes and I had a sleep for a whole 40 minutes. Still made me feel a lot better.
I got the 10.20 net up for clarence complete with NAT and the proxy server. Not bad.
Spoke to a couple of friends on skype and got a few more books. Downloaded new freedb will untar it tomorrow.
Managed to fill my week up again and it’s only wednesday tomorrow.
Cabled in the sampling decks but that will make no difference if I can’t get alsa to behave. It must be a silly problem I am sure. Might resort to the mailing list for an answer.
Set up the laptop after Saturday night’s events it was still in its bag. Set it up on the table in the loungeroom and cabled it back in.
Gemma got the washing done which was good for her.
Sorted out where all the little power cables went the ones with the mini IEc plugs and where the 3.5 to 3.5mm stereo cables ended up.
I read there is a new symbian virus spreading by mms. Great; that’s all we need. I wonder if you have to open the messages to get the virus?
Spoke to Simmie briefly which was nice haven’t spoken to him for awhile. Managed to synchronize skype contacts between desktop laptop and gotss1.
Pasta and meat source was nice for dinner; low maintainance meal. Had pasties for lunch but too many damn vegetables in them for my liking.
Well that’s it for today; btw if anyone reads this journal apart from tiki gemma bianca nicki cameron or tabitha leave a comment and let me know.
One of these days I should type song lyrics into my journal for wrongness value. apart from beeing a nasty copyright violation it would make my journal look like 90% of the others I have read. meow.

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  1. Meow indeed. But you won’t look like all the others until you fill your journal with lots of quizzes that put you into little pigeonhole boxes, the “I am Such-and-such” type.


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