raid array rebuild fun fun fun

Looks like one of the drives in Will has gone flakey. I am not sure which one yet, however now the array is rebuilding onto the spare (USB I might add)

Will wait for the rebuild then boot the system in single user mode once I know which drive has gone down.
grrrrr. OH well, guess I had nothing more pressing to do at the moment.

power wibbles

Thank you universe for picking the time my wife is on holidays to give me a power blip that results in the music server not coming back up.
This is Linux, I will repair this on Monday.
If anyone wants to know where all the music went the nfs mount is down until I repair things Monday. Doubt i’ll get to it tomorrow.

Gemma is at her parents’ for a few days

Gemma has gone down to her Parents’ place as of Thursday morning.
She’s having a break from here, the responsibilities and the like, and we hope the rest will help her.
I’m home alone so anyone that wants my company is welcome to drop in or book me up for something, or even just drop me a message or im me.

There’s plenty of food here although I have been up the road for dinner the past 2 nights so not a lot of cooking going on here.

Gemma’s brain foo is still giving her trouble and whilst she is receiving treatment, I was getting to the point where the care responsibilities were draining me. I’m missing Gemma terribly but enjoying the break none the less.
It’s good to recharge the batteries a bit.

On the one hand i’m happy that she and I are having time out, on the other hand I look forward to seeing her again whenever that is.

I’m back to work Wednesday, and nothing solid planned except for possibly the birthday party tomorrow.
Now to try and get motivated to do stuff rather than sitting around the house listening to Graphic Audio dramas with the senheisers on.

backup an ipod

ok lj land help me out here.
How do you backup an ipod running the apple firmware? My sister has an ipod full of songs and needs to reimage her hard drive. she’ll likely loose the stuff if it is not backed up.
yes, she owns all the original cds.

general update

Well time to post on something that isn’t focused on Gemma.

Work has started back in ernets and I now work for Guidedogs WA.
I need to go to staff induction on the 20th, which i’m sure will be a waste of a morning garanteed.
We’re having our lectures at 9:00 Perth time in the mornings which puts them at 5:30am Indian time. We have lots and lots of students showing, 25 on the login count, this is more than we’ve ever had online before.

2 of our students have quit, the local ones, the course was not for them. It’s not fare to write more than that in here about it.

Students have been very vocal which is good, asking questions and the like.
Lectures are up on for download and in fact anyone can grab them.
It is enrollment in the academy that costs the money.

House stuff has been relatively low key with no major computer projects planned at this stage. I bought a NAS unit off a friend, 2x640gb drives for $380 it’s a hackable dlink dns323.

Upgrading the raid arrays is planned however I need to find a way of putting 4 1 or 1.5tb drives into an e-sata box or another machine so I can upgrade from the 7 320gb drives in the main server.
this means i’ll have 320gb drives going cheap when I swap them out.

I’m thinking that building a new file server might be the easiest way to do this although i’m trying to save up after the IDMate barcode scanner purchase.
The IDMate is a device that lets you scan groceries and the like, it costs $1500 but will tell you what is in jars and bottles and packets. The scanner is omnidirectional and catches most barcodes.

We also have a couple of off-the-shelf scanners a cheapy off ebay a DUR8600 or similar. Once we turned on a couple of settings it scans a wider arc and is usable for the blind although tedious.
We also have the Metrologic Focus which has a stand, and scans quicly and well.

the eventual project is to build our own php/mysql database with web forms. I’m not the coder so that project is currently on hold. Might dust off my programming skills however.

Been meeting new friends at Linda’s parties, although we missed a bbq yesterday as stuff happened and by the time that was sorted it was 7pm and we were both washed out.
Slept in late today, 9 beeing late.
I’m finding lately that after writing docs for Cisco stuff and the like I get sick of typing on blog sites.
Anyone use anything reasonably cheap for audio blogging?
voiceposts on lj would be nice if I could actually upload my own rather than using there stupid dialin numbers.

a trying day

Weekend wasn’t bad, Gemma’s anxiety kept her asleep for a lot of the weekend, and only compus mentis in the afternoons and evenings.
We decided she wasn’t going to make it to Lion’s Eye by 8:20 this morning so rang and rescheduled appointment.
Given Mental foo we thought Feb 9 was a bit soon, so we got March 16.
If things go critical we’ll sort something.

Geared Gemma up to get to the psych by 1. Called cab at 12:20. Cab did not turn up till 12:45. Rang psych office, told them we would be 20 minutes late i.e. 1:20.
turned up at 1:23. Patient for 1:30 turned up early and psych saw them instead of Gemma and Gemma could not be seen today.
Just what someone with anxiety needs is to be told they’re beeing seen next week.
Sadly we did all the right things, called ahead to notify we were late, called cab at 12:20 and the universe handed us a curve ball.
Looks like we put Gemma back on the imipramine for a week and hope it gives her enough reserve to have more productive days.
We grabbed Red Rooster and bought a flaver home for Ben, who was playing with virtual machines and has just left to go back to where he usually stays.

We managed to get Gemma’s eeepc 1000h to go loud but Ben’s wouldn’t play ball with the silly realtek sound manager.
Gave up on it.
that’s about all that’s happening at the moment. Getting ready for class to start this week, joy.

tag your pictures when possible please

It seems a picture is worth a thousand words. I see piles of posts on my friends page with

Ok so what’s with the cheese burger, and what are these pictures of?
Even a one-liner would be nice.
No i’m not picking on anyone in particular, i’ve just seen a lot of these over the months with no descriptions at all,
and it’s ok, I note that the last one seen is computers getting smaller and smaller.