Getting married

Grace and I are getting Married 15 November at our place.
If anyone wants to come along for the ceremony at 7pm drop me a line and we’ll make sure we can fit everyone in the living room.
Very happy about all of this but will write a longer more rambly post when I am not so tired.

unfollowing seems to be a crime these days

Today I decided to trim my twitter follower’s list, as I feel it is up to me who I follow and I should not have to follow ppeople if I choose not to.
Sadly people take this rather personally.
The result of my unfollow was a snappy msn message followed by a block, and an unfriend on LJ.
For the record, if I unfolow you it is because I don’t want to read what you are writing, same goes for lj.
It’s nothing personal, just an exercise of personal choice.
It’s sad that people take this friending on social networks so personally and hold such stock by it.
Will we get to a point where not listening to a band’s tracks makes you liable for a complaint from said band?
And with that i’m off to trim more of my followers as many don’t tweet, and a percentage I just don’t want to read anymore. Sorry if it upsets anyone; it’s not my problem you are upset, it is yours. Deal with that as you see fit.
I can only be held responsible for my own actions, not anyone elses reactions to those actions.

Melbourne Trip

I’ll be in Melbourne with Grace from Sunday 27 June until
6th July.
Anyone who wants to catch up let me know. comments screened.

fixing sound forge 8.0 with recent Jaws versions

Ok i’m writing this down so I don’t forget how to do it as I almost drove myself spare trying to remember this morning.

Ok I am lucky to be running sound forge 8.0 and the snowman scripts for it. Problem is by default braille support is broken.

to fix this you need to basically do the following:
Install sound forge 8.0.
Unpack the latest forge 8 scripts from into your Jaws personal settings directory. Drop your authorization file snow_forge60.jsb into this folder.

Open sound forge 8. Under the view menu turn off all the toolbars as they float and can obscure stuff.

go into script manager and compile forge80brl.jss

now go into config for sound forge and under keyboard options uncheck differentiate between numpad and extended arrows.
Also under braille mode set it to structured. Now stuff should work a lot better.

Should khoath’s livejournal be put to bed?

I’ve given serious thought over the past few weeks towards shutting this blog down for a number of reasons and i’m wondering what other people think.
I don’t post in here often anymore for a number of reasons.
Firstly, I never seem to put the time aside to post. A lot of the stuff I want to post is either sensitive, not work safe or is likely to upset someone.

I’ve split people into friends groups in the hopes of partitioning this all off but what inevidibly happens is friends talk and this system is by no means foolproof.
It also seems that many people attach significance to beeing on my “friends” list.
The way my journal is currently set up I have an empty default view and various groups that allow me to filter friends, heavy and trusted.
I see all my friends pages by appending filter=0 to the friends page url thereby turning off the filters.
If someone pulls my friends list, they see the empty default view which stops people looking through my list of friends and harvesting them.
A friend of mine was going through my friends list messaging all the girls on the list that looked interesting.
Perhaps I should have not locked down the friends list and allowed this person their social networking but I felt (perhaps incorrectly) that it was unfair for this person to start building relationships with people i’d just started getting to know.

I also find lj rather noisy, and the swag of “loud twitter” just leaves me hitting h and jumping piles and piles of entries. Quicker to just take the people off the default view.

Those who genuinly post tend to interest me with their posts, but loud twitter is just conversation fragments with people i’ve often never met.

@coolbloke yeah sounds good.
tells me nothing unless i’m following coolbloke.

I can’t post how I feel about certain friends unless I make the posts private or put them in an offline journal as humans do talk and the friends in question end up finding out and things get messy.

I guess I could confine my posts to tech reviews tricks etc, and take all the emo out of the posts, but that negates the venting uses I had previously put the lj to.

I’ve noticed many of my friends don’t post much anymore, as if blogging became a fad that nobody has time for these days, and I wonder what has changed in society to reduce attention spans to the point where blogging is no longer cool or seems not to be as common.

Perhaps people genuinly outgrow it and find other things to do and occupy their time.
I’ve got plenty lined up to potentially post on my depression, battles with procrastination (which I appear to loose tonight) but I wonder whether there is indeed a need to post that stuff and would anyone really enjoy reading all that?

If only my knowledge such that it is and my experiences could be archived somewhere for others to use, that would be really cool.

Well enough writing for tonight, perhaps this journal will see more posts who knows. If not, I need to back up the entries I have written, they should probably be archived regardless.
Comments are screened.

twitter is killing blogging as we know it

I’m seriously considering unfriending people who only post to livejournal with loud twitter. Thing is, if I was even that interested in your tweets to begin with I could just follow you on twitter.
In fact, twitter gives me the choice as to who I follow, lj friends has no way to filter out the loud twitter noise.

I can understand that people don’t have time to sit down and type up blog posts with sentences, content and the like, but posting a whole pile of tweets which generally are directed at people I don’t even know is hardly good reading material and given the 140 character limit sentence structure goes by the wayside.

Sadly I can’t just lump the loud twitter brigade into a friends group. I have hidden my list of friends and have an empty default view. This stops my less reputable friends from social trawling of my friends list.

So if I unfriend you; it’s nothing personal, I just don’t find your loud twitter at all interesting and you don’t write posts with substance often enough for me to keep you on my friends page.
My friends page is a list of the people’s posts I find interesting and stimulating to read, not a reflection on who I consider friend.

Sure I don’t post often, but i’d rather post once in a while rather than defacing these pages with loud twitter that 90% of my friends will never understand.

dreaming about one of these babies

Serial console, 3 ethernet, 1 mini-PCI, compact flash so it’s silent, power supply 12v 1.5a, and 15cm square.
It’s bigger than a fit-pc but far more versatile. Off to dream.

To the anonymous commenter

Just a note to the anonymous commenter I can’t respond to you without unscreening so thanks for the message I have read and understand the comment, and you are correct.

If you want to email me get me at kerry at hoath dot name

Grace now lives with me and we are happy. Update will happen soon.

I’m still alive

This is one of those quikc update posts that says i’m still alive and have not forgotten my lj altogether.
Grace and I are doing Well, with the initial problems that one would expect mostly solved. I’ll probably document this in another post.
Gemma and Will are together, and i’m limiting contact as I don’t really need to see either of them carry on with mush and i’m guessing they don’t need to see grace and I do the same.
I have nothing against either of them however it’ll take a little more time before I stop subconciously caring about what Gemma gets up to, given that it is now none of my concern/business. I guess 9 years of habbits are hard to break.

The angsty post-gemma post is probably likely to sho up protected in the next week or so, to get the residuals out of my system.

We might find out tomorrow whether or not Cavi gets funding and whehter or not I am looking for a new job or not.
fun times indeed.
Looking forward to going over east from New Year’s eve, till the 18th.
Anyway enough for now write more later.

Grace will be out in August

Ok those who don’t want to read about Grace will have moved onto the next entry.

We’ve booked tickets and Grace will be in Australia on the 22nd August on flight QF575 into Perth at aprox 11:15 if all goes well; and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.

If anyone wants to come to the airport to help me pick her up (i’ll be asking others about this also) or wants to meet her once she arrives after this date you’re welcome, get in touch with me.

I’m scared sure, aprehensive and very nervice.
On the flip side, i’m excited, in love and absolutely dying to meet this wonderful girl who I have gotten to know in the past 7 months.

I’m sure we’ll have our tething problems and our ups and downs; but I know i’ll give this relationship the best chance I can and I am hopeful for the future.
Only a bit over 6 weeks to go. I’ll try not to count down the days.

Do I miss Gemma? Sure I do. She’s allways welcome to talk to me or spend time in the unit, once things have settled if she chooses to do so.
Slogging through this stuff should get easier in time and i’ve still got a lot of stuff to work through.
I love you Grace and am looking forward to the time when you are with me.

So what do you think?

Now that Gemma and I have separated, if there’s anything you want to tell me that you think I should know; here’s an opportunity to do so. Obviously comments are screened. Anyone who wants to catch up with me is also welcome to drop a comment as I have far more time on my hands these days at least for the next month.

Comment anonymously if you don’t want me to talk to you about any issues you raise. Comment as a logged in user or provide a request for contact if you want to open a discussion. It’s about time I started again and learnt a little along the way.