a post at this ungodly hour

excuse my typing I am typing on the laptop in the loungeroom and the keyboard is set a long way back from the front of the machine.
I should be asleep and will be soon but decided to post in this journal before I hit the hay. Gemma is off to relationships Australia later today to talk about the problems in our relationship or at least what she can dredge up.
I hope that she is successful and that we can start working towards a better Marridge and life together. I am sure that fault is on both sides; even though quantifying it might be difficult. I am not sure how much a lepard can change its spots or what sort of personal modifications I can make but I am willing to give anything a try if it means we have a happier life together.
Perhaps i’ll allways be an arrogant bastard; perhaps some things never change but maybe I can tone things down a bit and chill out a bit more. Time will tell.
I really should get to sleep because I need to be up in 6 hours or so to make coffee for Gemma.
Once more into the breach dear friends…

A little happier

well I am a little happier today in ways; but not in others. I am having problems I don’t feel comfortable writing about in this journal and they are waying on my mind.
My maridge remains interesting to say the least; however that said I apreciate the stability and happiness it has brought to my life. Sometimes however it’s a bit of a battle to stay happy when things crop up that upset us.
If having kids means you don’t get sex for 6 months plus I doubt i’ll be in it. I guess that’s another nail in the having kids coffin. Many people find kids cute and joy provoking; unfortunately i’ve never felt that way about them.
Many people say once you have a child this stuff changes; but I have had a child and it sure didn’t. Ironic really since most people live to have children since that is the biological thing to do.
I’m looking forward to taking Gemma to the sleep clynic (or beeing taken as the case may be) and hope it will allow her to get some info on her sleeping problems.
People tell me I am a shit to live with. I guess by impiricle evidence this has to be true for the people that say it but problem is I haven’t found ways of making it easier for people to live with me. I’m particular, pig headed, annoying, pesomistic and a downright pain. even when I do see what I am doing to others it feels as if i’m not really there; i’m standing somewhere outside myself watching what is happening. Afterwoods of course I feel sad and hurt and upset and repentful etc but that’s not really useful.
I used to wonder when I was younger whether getting committed for beeing in sane would make life easier. then I realized that the reason I didn’t want to be committed was because I didn’t want to have to deal with people that had problems far worse than mine.
I used to try to tell myself I was mad, but anyone I said that to would just smile and say, “You’re probably sayner than I am.”
I’ve allways felt strongly about things; and that scares people. I genuinly hate xyzzy and people don’t know what to say because they never thought about it that hard. Then when I really like something people don’t believe me.
People don’t understand that for me there is an incredible difference between hating something and actually beeing destructive about it. I was taught indirectly that you can feel what you want but you can’t do what you want without consequences. As a result I hold a lot of strong feelings about things with no intention of doing anything about them.
I thought I might escape into a Doctor Who today but realized that escaping was exactly that; and it’s not permanent relief from the situation I find myself in.
Gemma has gone to Uni today and I miss her already. This is both romantic and stupid I guess; I love her to bits but I can’t express it physically at the moment.
This is naturally frustrating but not a lot I can do about it for the moment. I wait and see what happens in the long term and try my best to make things as good as they can be. I don’t know where the break even point is and I don’t know what is too much or not enough; I guess that depends on Gemma and I really. Nobody can tell you that sort of stuff.
I know that living with Gemma has brought me untold joy; and has made me happier about my life than anything else has.
I want her to be happy but i’m not sure in what form that happiness takes and whether or not I can help her to achieve this.
I know I need to change but i’m not sure how to effect this. I think I need to meditate more and take time out to relax and calm down.
I also need to motivate myself more; since if I am more positive then I will make more friends. the world can’t be as bad as I sometimes think it is; and it isn’t as good as the unrealistic think it is either. somewhere in the middle would be nice.
that’s all for now; I need to go and actually do something today.

A quick entry

Defrosting fridges and freezers seems to have been the highlight of the last 2 days. Yesterday I defrosted the little bar fridge and today was the big fridge and the stand up freezer.
Tiki didn’t call but I expect that’s because she got bingley beeped into tiredness and got busy and needed her rest.
Been working on my maridge as I allways seem to do and am working on some issues before they become problems. Not going to put them online for the world to read at this point.
Had some rather awful saussages for tea from the christo hamper too much salt by far in them. Temperatures were a bit high today so we stayed inside for most of the day. tried to get some stuff done and was partially successful. I wrote answers to a cisco interview and also got some research done on laptop ram.
Found out that I need low density ram for the Versa and that it is likely to cost me $300 a stick unless I wait for a particular ram supplier to get ram in nice and cheaply.
Discovered that I am running out of patch leads at an alarming rate and that I might need a new switch or two or at least a supply that isn’t as noisy for the dlink switches I have. I have 2 5-port dlink switches that work just fine except one of the switchmodes blew up complete with smoke and the other makes an annoying hum.
going to run one of the linksys wireless routers as a client in the loungeroom to get internet access to the glass table that holds all the ripping gear (the combo drives etc).
The printer is on my todo list need to figure out how to send it post script.
Decided I have some backing up to do; 29 gb of radio productions off gotss1 would be a good start. Might free me up some disk space. then I’ll back up the Doctor Who collection.
Have noticed that downsampling 44100 16-bit samples to 22050 knocks off the high end of the T samples. will encode to 64-kbit mono from 44100 and turn up the compresser quality even if it takes all day.
The coke hit the spot and I enjoyed today’s can a lot. Temperature is supposed to drop to 22 tonight but I have the air con on to keep the room cool. It’s still 31 here where I am sitting and no sea breeze to cool the house down.
Tried helping Will with a cranky apache install but was too busy to do too much.
Gemma got her copy of apache installed and working so now I just have to set up the redirects. this will be extremely helpful when she starts Uni next week. she is doing a lot of internet based stuff which I hope she enjoys. Having a varitible storehouse of servers and networking bibs and bobs definitley makes life easier for her I can tell you.
Anyway I should go to bed; it’s getting late and I need to be up at 5:45 so I am off to bed.
Night all.

A quiet but eventful day

Here I am posting in this journal because Gemma is asleep. She did not sleep well last night on the kyropractic pillow because the bump that is supposed to be so incredibly good for you was too high for her head to sit correctly on the pillow. She is asleep on a couple of the cheap “comfort pillows” got me from the supermarket when I moved into number 9.
The day has been quiet although I have got a fare few things done. Last night I configured the Linksys and put it in the fruit bowl. As most people would know these things are a little linux box with 32 megs of ram and 8 megs of flash.
I’m still learning how to use the utilities they put in the firmware. It seems possible to use command-line tools to do all sorts of wireless measurements and the like. these things can go into ap and client mode; and can also handle wireless bridge mode as well. As a result you can now telnet or ssh to the router on my dining-room table although you have to be on our network to do it; i’m not quite suicidal enough to make that visible from the outside.
I dragged myself out of bed at about 11:30 or so thinking I would get little done. I knocked some instant oats together in a bowl and had that for breakfast. It hadn’t helped that I hadn’t been to bed before 3 that morning so I was running on about 8 hours sleep. After breakfast I decided to defrost the smaller of the two bar fridges we have. This was quite a job since the ice was an inch thick and I had to carefully separate the ice from the shelf with a knife.
Yeah I know I know no sharp objects in freezers; but I am well aware of where the pipes run and allways keep the blade close to flat rather than stabbing holes in the plastic. We have pictures of the blocks of ice I managed to get out and I will put links to them for something unusual.

reading Harry Potter books again since I have a good high quality cd copy of the books. Debating whether to encode the cd quality .wav files down to 44100 16-bit mono 64 Kb/s mp3 or whether to downsample to 22050 which would reduce compression ratio from 11 to 1 to 5.5 to 1.
I don’t think my diskman likes playing those files though so i’ll have to burn an rw and see how it goes. Newer generation stuff has no problem with layer 1 2 2.5 and 3 stuff but older chips choke on certain files. I am steering clear of vbr for this reason even though this recording could bennifit from it.

Caught up with some friend’s livejournal entries which is allways fun. Tiki had an article about people who light fires in back yards and I was going to comment on the article and talk about Mario the bloke with the wood fire and the smoke that blew in through our old house’s front door. I decided not to comment since I seem to be commenting on all her posts lately (not nastily of course)
and I wonder if the world really wants to read everything I have to say from toilet paper to wood fires to whatever. I think i’ll just spend a few hours chatting to her sometime and hopefully that will dry up the well of conversation a little.
I had potato mash with cheese and bacon. The packet explained how to make the meal and then told me to enjoy it. This time; I actually did. I don’t like the way that packets tell you to enjoy something or thank you for purchasing something else. I suppose it’s the polite thing to say from the packet’s perspective but it always feels strange to read that stuff.
I put wd40 on the bedroom door hinges. this way I can sneak to bed really late without the squeaking of the door hinges waking Gemma. Not that it usually does mind you; only on the nights when she is sleeping lightly.
Gemma has the beginnings of a big headache so I have been convincing her to eat/drink something. she has a drink of gatoraid (however you spell that) which is cheering her up a lot. I think the stress of the week was getting to her; nothing specific all sorts of little things.
Meeting Tiki (previously a stranger), Uni training, rags, bad pillows and bad sleep have all conspired against her. I hope she recovers soon.
I’m sitting here bored as hell not wanting to listen to too much more doctor who with plenty of energy but no desire to recable the bedroom whilst she is resting in it even if she doesn’t mind.
I wish there was a way of protecting favourites in internet explorer; not sure how the world will view What professionals should know about polyamory mixed in with wrt54gs information. Well if people want to look at my computer’s contents or my shared network drives they get what they deserve 🙂

Anyway that is about all I can think of writing today; maybe more tomorrow.

No router and a quiet day

I’ve been busy but not a lot happening really all things considered. I’ve been chipping away at various things over the past couple of days and getting a few things done.
I sorted out a bad stick of ram in Pam’s machine so the computer is now a lot happier. took the liberty of updating email accounts for her and bringing the virus definitions up to date.
I’ve been reading the soundeforge manual in an attempt to learn how it works. I’m learning slowly but the list of keys will take some time to learn so that’s keeping me busy.
I set up oldwinbox to test ram and am getting geared up to set up the server farm on the bottom shelf in the bedroom.
Went out to meet a woman I met on the net. Gemma came along as well. We had a great day out and surprisingly this woman was one of the rare people who actually use their eyes to their fullest extent whilst guiding me. I could have done without the cain; which wwas a nice relief.
We tried nice coffee in a coffee shop called Mrs Sings and we had indian sweets. Nandos seemed to be the nicest takeaway at our disposal so we ate that.
I had Nicki over on Wednesday and we ripped the first 3 books of Harry Potter and compressed them into flac and queue files. this was a lot of work but well worth doing.
I got shitty with Bianca since she came over and slept all afternoon. Of course it’s her business when she sleeps but I personally think a visit to the sleep clinic would go a long way to sort out why her sleep is interrupted.
I can’t hold her responsible for sleeping at our place all afternoon since I did offer her the use of the bed. I didn’t expect the situation to make me so angry and stir up old memories. Something i’m dealing with.
I’m having slight difficulty saying what I mean to people at the moment for reasons yet to be determined. I didn’t adequately communicate how long encoding potter would take to Gemma this morning and as a result I got her upset because I got shitty when Bianca wanted mp3 files.
We sorted most of it out; the mp3 files will be done properly in a week or two. A dodgey version could be done with cdex but the quality would suffer. I need to extract a digit; clear up space on gotss1 and copy up the .wav files after burning the audio is complete.
I also need to find if the files are truly mono and if so convert them to that format before encoding. this will half the work that the encoder needs to do.
Probably explaining to people that this is some nasty shell shit combined with lots of cpu time would enlighten them as to why i’m grumbling about it. I’ll get to look at frontends so I am not the only person encoding stuff.
bloody html markup and I need to not use angle brackets to enclose shit unless I use the right html constructs.
I’m waiting for Tiki to call when she gets time; I miss talking to her. How you miss someone you’ve known vaguely for a week or two is strange in deed. She’ll call when she gets to it i’m sure so I can bloody stop worrying about it. Well it does feel better to write it all down here anyway.
That’s enough for now; might write more in the next day or so.

An entry here we come

Ok so I get time to sit down and type something into this journal. I enjoyed
my birthday yesterday and a good time was had by all.
Nandos was nice and we had a good little group of people there who I
actually wanted there. After that I went to see Chris and Marie since they
did not have enough money this week to go to my party. Chris was trying to
install fedora core 3 on his machine except he had burnt the .iso file to a
cd in an iso9660 file system so the cd had one file fc__core3_1.iso on it. I
explained that an iso image was exactly that; an image of the sectors that
should have been written to the cd. After I showed him the “burn image”
option in Nero he was fine and his disks worked.
I never thought people could get confused about iso images but I guess they
do. I have had a cd burner since 1997 so it’s all old hat to me.
Didn’t have a lot for dinner last night except for a piece of toast and
vegimite which made me.
Gemma did not sleep well last night; her suspected sleep apnia was playing
up and she couldn’t breathe properly. Obviously Faith Hill doesn’t suffer
from this problem. &ltboom boom i’m here all journal&gt
I had to drag Gemma out of bed this morning for Uni training she had to do.
I hate doing this especially when she hasn’t slept well. I got up and had
coffee and kept her company till she left. I promptly went to bed and back
to sleep and slept till 11.
I was feeling lazy today for no reason I can acertain.
I did however start learning to use sound forge which is a lot of fun. Nicki
rang to tell me she had received the first 3 Harry Potter books which is
excellent news!
I tried to put the sveasoft firmware into the linksys using bootwait but the
image was too large you can’t tftp an image over 3 megabytes into the
router. Probably something to do with the boot loader.
I put the image in over the web interface with bootwait enabled so I could
back out the image if it shit itself.
I read up on the screwdriver shorting pins tricks to revive a brick router
and made sure I knew where the pointy screwdrivers were.
firmware went in without a hitch.

Gemma got shoes and went to the bank along with getting dymo tape. I was
extremely chuffed.
I keep trying to tell her how wonderful she is but she gets all embarrased
especially if anyone else is present. Not sure what to do about this.
I guess I just might have to be a little less over the top re my wife to
others even if I _do_ think she’s great.
No sex since early Sunday morning but I hope to fix that tomorrow sometime.
We get tired and our sleeping patterns drift apart and we don’t get to it.
something I intend to work on.
Went over to see Chrissy and Alastair which was a lot of fun. We had Hj’s
and a milkshake. Rythm is talking fairly well and is a lot more social. We
played with the footage from the wedding dvd. Only a year late I know but we
need to dump it off onto dvd from dv-camcorder tapes.
Off to meet a new friend tomorrow in the city. That will be lots of fun. A
bit nervice but I guess that is to be expected.
Anyway I guess I will head off to bed and write more tomorrow.

Finally an up to date entry.

Well I have decided not to cover the last 2 weeks since I have been back
since they were rather hectic and I am all typed out after typing up the
holiday entries.
It is my birthday tomorrow and I turn 29. We are off to nandoes for lunch
which should be a lot of fun. I will be having a few friends over to have
lunch with me.

There have been a lot of things happening so I will touch on a few of them.
I got the laser printer set up and the new set of shelving up in the
bedroom. helped me of course.
I can’t seem to get the printer to switch into postscript mode but
apparently I need to throw some control codes at it to get this to happen. I
will look at it when I get to it.
The set of shelving in the loungeroom took a lot of stuff up off the floor
and we have a coutch to sit on. Furthermore the coutch is in the right place
to listen to the stereo which was what I wanted.
I have all the upses hooked up on the shelving in the bedroom and have
tested them. I get 22 minutes for gotss1, an hour for toiga and 1.5 hours
for wombat when the power goes out. I need to program the serial port stuff
so the ups can tell the computer to shut down by itself.
I could probably get more time out of the ups for gotss1 if I switched the
athlon into power saving mode. If the serial port stuff works I might do
this in the shutdown script.
I have been busy ripping cds and setting up the loungeroom the way we want
it. this included the death of some old boxes and putting my laptop back
onto the table where it belongs. Clearing the laser printer into the bedroom
has given us a lot more space on the glass table.
Gemma has been putting together the wedding dvd which is coming along
extremely well. I am highly impressed with the results.
Have been corrosponding with someone I met on okcupid and things are going
well. I am really looking forward to meeting her and spending some time with
I have ordered and received 1 of my linksys routers; I ordered 3.
They assure me the other 2 will turn up soon. I have purchased the sveasoft
firmware http://www.sveasoft.com but don’t seem to have access to the site
to download it. This annoys me no end because I am waiting to play with the
firmware and I have paid my money for it.
I need to diagnose Pam’s computer when it gets dropped over. this should
prove a lot of fun and I am curious to find out what is wrong with it. If it
is board she is up for a few new components.
I am looking forward to the mini party tomorrow it should be fun. I have to
upgrade packages on a mail server and do another few little jobs this
weekend. I am emptying my hard drives off onto dvd media so I can have some
of the space back.
Gemma is putting together all our pictures so we can stick them on a dvd as
/hold/incoming is finally getting organized and stuff is easier to find.
having trouble with one of the gateways crashing every 2 or 3 days, turned
off apm in the hopes that the crashing would stop. otherwise I debug the
Anyway I am tired and am sick of writing in lj for now. Will keep this thing
up to date from here on in I hope.

what is going on in my journal

If you read my journal at http://khoath.livejournal.com/ you will see that I
have backdated entries to tell you all about my holiday. they don’t seem to
show on the friends page so you might have to read them from my main journal
page. Wonder if there is a way to back up your journal? Most of this is in
my sentmail but scattered across 2 machines.

Jan 24

Monday and it was time to fly home to Perth. We were all rather cheerful
about this since it meant back to the ADSL, the house we know and the things
we enjoy. We got up; showered again (because I like to travel clean) and
headed down to meet Ross who was taking us to the airport.
Checkin was uneventful; we couldn’t decide whether or not to get macdonalds
but decided to buy Virgin food on the plane.
The person sitting next to Gemma on the way back was Mr Bishop her gitar
teacher. I found him annoying and a grumpy bastard. this is not unusual I am
Most of the flight was uneventful; we watched an episode of voyager. I had
headphones but did not plug in the inflight entertainment at all. Either I
missed the occurance but the hostesses played no little games on this
flight. Perhaps Virgin only plays the games on random flights.
the trip was long but it usually is; not a lot to do and we were tired from
travelling. Cameron picked us up from the airport and we took our gear home.
We bought him hungry jacks as a thank you for the lift and he showed us his
ipod. wonderful if you can see but I can’t see myself getting one any time
soon unless they make them talk.
The house was as we left it for the most part, and we came home and slept.
Overall the holiday was wonderful and a good time was had by all.

Sunday 23 January post

I’m writing this post whilst I am Hungry so it might not make a lot of
Sunday and it was time to get ready to go down to Sydney. Taree had been
getting us down and we were counting the days until we could go home.
In the morning we packed up all the bits and pieces we had out and climbed
into the CRV in preparation for the trip down to Sydney. Jina did a lot of
the driving and the trip itself was farely relaxing. We met one of
CarmanMary’s friends in Newcastle Botanical gardens and had tea at the shop
There was an extremely positive volenteer there which I was glad to see. Too
often in Australian society the volenteers are overlook and underapreciated.
I ordered a Devonshire Tea which had lots of Jam and Cream and 2 scones. It
was delicious. this meal ended up beeing luch of sorts since the rest of the
trip down to Sydney would take most of the afternoon. We obtained directions
to the airport and off we traveled.
Carmanmary managed to get us to the hotel where we were to stay at the
airport. It was at the international terminal not the domestic terminal but
that was ok. The room was nice and everyone made use of the facilities
before we went to meet Ross and aaron.
Ross and Aaron didn’t live that far from the airport at all. According to
people who lived there you could see the wheels of the planes as they took
Ross made us a nice coffee and we got to sit down and chill for a bit.
It was nice to be asked if we wanted coffee or wanted to see the house. too
often it had been assumed that we did not need to decide what we wanted to
do. this had been upsetting us a bit so it was nice to taste freedom again.

We decided to eat at a Vietnamese restraunt which we all thought would be
interesting. Bill and Amanda and their son Patric came for dinner and it was
good to catch up with Bill again.
I got into trouble for not apreciating Carmanmary’s warning about the hot
plate thing that had been placed on the table. I stated that I had allready
noticed the sizzling and that it was fine.
Honnestly; people must think I pay no attention to the world around me. I
spend my *life* paying attention to what is going on around me; dangers;
listening to people and keeping up with what’s going on. Some blind people
might zone out but not me. This gets me into trouble at times; especially
just after sex when I am at full alertness and top mental performance.
them’s the breaks. Peple who know me get used to this.

Anyway I digress; but aparently I was supposed to be infinitely greatful
that Carmanmary had told me about the spitting plate of food; so I
grudgingly thanked her and got on with my life.
There was lots of little dishes and although the food was nice it did not
fill me up too much.
Gemma and I were tired so we decided not to join the rest for coffee and we
got a lift back to our motel.
Ross came up to see the motel room and offered to take us to the domestic
terminal the next morning.
We set our alarms and made a glass of tea. All the movies at the hotel were
pay per view and $15 each. For this reason we decided not to watch them.
There was an auto-minibar which you could access if you got a card from
security. We never found out where it was in the place but intend to next
We spent a good while finding light switches and powerpoints and getting
used to the room. Many people think that staying in a motel/hotel is
relaxing for a holiday; it is as long as you have plenty of time to explore
the surroundings so you know where everything is.
We set the alarms on the phones to wake us up; had showers and went to bed.
After not beeing able to sleep we got busy. I figure that if you are staying
in a place like that they are going to change the sheets the next day anyway
so why not?
This allowed us to get some sleep.

Saturday Jan 22

The television was still out on Saturday when we got up in the morning. this
had caused various amounts of slight panic because nobody could watch the
Tennis. I asked to try to re-tune the television in which
she agreed to do. A quick read of the book; a couple of scans of VHF High
and 7 was not to be found.
We had gotten up late so just after breakfast it was time to have lunch.
With one day to go in Taree we decided to knuckle down and take a look at
CarmanMary’s computer. I had known it was running Windows 2000 but wasn’t
sure what else was out of date on it.
Basically the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to fix the machine. We
had to apply service pack 4 which fixed the usb 2.0 controllers. the idiot
who had worked on the machine before had set them to usb 1.1 compatibility
mode to get around this problem.
We were informed that if music was to be played the speakers had to be
plugged into the front of the cdrom drive. this was a mystery considering
the redbook audio cable was connected to the system board. A look through
device manager showed no sound devices.
The aforementioned idiot had not installed any sound or usb drivers and none
of the chipset specific .infs were installed. One of the things that really
annoys me is people doing a half-arsed job of fixing a computer with no
explanation. this bloke had charged CarmanMary $90 per visit and had not
fixed the sound or usb. Gemma and I were furious.
The only cd that was missing from the whole collection was you guessed it,
the system board cd. the internet was running at a blistering 24000 b/s so
it was off to dfe to download megs and megs of drivers and the like. We did
go up for a cup of tea whilst the machine snailed down the files. We
couldn’t use our speech software because the soundcard wasn’t working and it
hadn’t occurred to me to connect in the usb dongle and we needed uusb2

Dinner was one of my favourites Carmanmary’s lasagne. We weren’t getting on
well with her at this point because her I am old and lazy and can’t be
bothered mentality was getting on our nerves. So many things we have to
fight tooth and nail to do; and sighted people sometimes take it for
I remember one day waiting 3 days to get a bios setup reconfigured so I
could use a new computer I had purchased. If I ever catch the bastard who
set the CMOS default to no floppy drive installed i’ll be having words with

The night was spent installing drivers and patches. Gemma and I kept each
other amuzed with non-computer related activities that we both found
pleasurable. It seemed to make the downloads appear to run faster.
We packed up most of our gear and prepared to go to bed. Last thing we did
before we went to sleep was start off windows update which wanted 39 megs or

21 January

Friday and it was a trip to New Castle to pick up Regina Carmanmary’s sister. We left on time and with plenty of provisions.
Owen lied about smoking in the car which did not increase our opinion of him. Even today I can’t put my finger on the reasons why Gemma he and I did not hit it off. Some mysteries will remain unsolved. It was mildly annoying to have the smell of smoke in a clean car even though it wasn’t that overpowering.
Travelling with Carmanmary was pleasant since the car was good, air conditioned and Carmanmary was a good driver. The trip down was unaventful and nothing too unusual happened. We turned up at the airport early and called Sean to let him know we were there. To pass the time we had a coffee which was fairly good for airport coffee. Sean turned up with his lunch and we sat down for a chat about all sorts of things from cool gadgets to solar energy and all sorts of techy stuff. It was good that Sean got to meet Gemma. Gina turned up on time on her flight and we collected her luggage. There was quite a bit of it because she had been shopping in Melbourne. People tell me you get lots of cheap clothes down there if you are female and that you have to buy lots. I just nodded along knowing it would be futile to ask questions.
We piled back into the CRV after Sean had to go back to work. We travelled down to Bullerdeeler and had lunch at a nice little cafe. We sat out on the sidewalk. I had a Hamberger which was ok except the mince was a bit grainy. I really wish I didn’t notice these details but I guess it comes from buying good quality stuff at the shops.
Got home at about 4:35 and hooked the laptop straight up to the internet to answer some questions for a reporter of the Australian. I had expected that the questions would have been in my inbox the night before or that morning but they turned up at midday whilst I was travelling with a deadline of 3:30pm which I could not meet. I was angry that this woman gave me a 3 hour window in which to answer the questions and I had no email access to do it in at that time unless I set it up on the phone. Even if I had done this the coverage would have been flakey at best.

Everybody was into watching the Tennis. Tennis is a game I really can’t give a damn about. If you can’t see the ball it’s not worth watching unless you are passionate about the game.
I think Owen cooked a baked dinner that night and it was quite nice. Everyone would have watched tennis but the storm the night before had knocked out the transmitter for channel 7. this was a slight problem in the days to come because most of the fully sighted people wanted to watch the tennis rather than listen to it on the radio.
I can’t remember much more of this day but I am sure Gemma will help me out and I can go back and edit this post late; which I am doing now 5th Feb.
Gemma and I wanted to go for a swim which we did friday night. It was fun to paddle around in the pool and I got some well needed exercise. I didn’t get to doing the things I wanted to do with her in the water since it was a friend’s place and that stuff isn’t apropriate generally speaking. One of these days i’ll get to go swimming alone with a girl and do stuff; that’ll be nice..

Jan 20

Thursday and another day of travelling was set to commence. Mum had offered to take us up to Taree a couple of days later than Aunty Wendy could do it. This gave us time to finish the computer; catch up with Judy and spend more time with mum.
We packed up all the stuff from mum’s house that belonged to us and got into the car. the trip up to Taree was about 4 hours or so and it was quite hot. I did not have a lot to say to anyone on the trip which was my first hint that perhaps I was suffering from some depression although the causes weren’t evident.
I think Gemma and I watched an episode of Voyager to pass the time. This was good since we had gone to the bother of bringing the laptops in the car for exactly this purpose. I tried to type up an lj entry but this laptop is not the best to type on when travelling unless you have a tray table in front of you which I didn’t.

We stopped at Mcdonalds for lunch and then continued onto Taree. We moved our bags downstairs when we arrived and it was clear from the first moments of our visit that relations with Carmanmary were going to be interesting.
Gemma and I were tired after the travelling and from burning the midnight oil the night before so we went down for a sleep. Mum had a swim and was having an extremely relaxing time which was excellent.
We slept through tea and got up at about 8 o’clock or so. Dinner had been kept warm in the oven but did not taste wonderful although the original cooking had been fine. We complained that we had wanted to be woken for dinner but this did not go down well. We were told that people let us sleep which would have been fine if anyone had actually bothered to ask us what we actually wanted.
After tea we called Sean and organized to meet him at the airport in new castle. I was not overly enthused to see Sean but when I did see him the next day it was good to catch up.
We then had an in depth conversation with Carmanmary and John about a lot of things; including my child; my dad; my relationship with Veronica the mother of the child; various attitudes to life the universe and everything and so on.
Whilst we were talking a storm knocked out the channel 7 transmitter which put an end to the Tennis. I can’t say I was too upset I don’t usually enjoy watching sport unless I am at the watching paint dry stage of bordem. I’d much rather do something else than sit in front of the idiot box unless there is an occational episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who to watch. Even those are done in small doses. We got to bed at about Midnight quite exhausted by the conversation. Over all; a good day.

Jan 19

Wednesday our last full day in Willowtree. This was the day in which we were supposed to get all our last minute things done or at least a good percentage of them. We were up relatively early for us 8 or so if memory serves and had breakfast before mum went out to moe. After some necessary coffee it was time to get stuck into the computer since we wanted to give mum a lesson on it that afternoon and it needed to be ready for that. This involved installing service packs, office, publisher, the printer, checking internet connection, anti-virus software, superdat updates, windows updates and the usual housekeeping you need for a safe XP machine. My brother had bought pc authority which had a lot of the drivers we needed and a lot of the programs so we did not have to download megs and megs at 41kbps.
the speed was a little slow and that involved uncabling the whole phone setup to see what was wrong with it. Dad was cool with this and suggested we recable from scratch to “find out what the fucking problem was” in his words.
Gemma sorted what we needed off the cds and we set up a little peer to peer network in 5 seconds flat to move stuff around. We had bought a little 5-port dlink switch with us for exactly that purpose. Although the switchmode that ran it hummed like an intern the switch behaved flawlessly.
We did get most of the computer finished although we had no jaws key disk so it meant a reboot every 40 minutes. That’s the last time I forget my keydisk.
I could have booted the old windows 95 box that mum had and made a disk but it wasn’t worth the bother.
We did do the lesson with mum and she saw a bit of the internet, email and learnt how to change the cartridges on the printer. I explained that if you didn’t have the power on the printer would not center the cartridge when the top cover was lifted. Mum felt rather silly but was glad to learn the trick. Looks like the HP Deskjet is working flawlessly even if the cartridges are rather expensive. I will have to look for some non-genuin ones to save mum a small fortune. Yes I know non-genuin fucks your printer; but if that is all the problem is we’ll get her a new printer.

Dinner was nice and quiet just Dad Mum Gemma and I. Dad had scavenged a chordless phone from the tip so we set it up and showed him how to use it whilst mum talked to an old school friend on the phone.
Gemma and I then sat up till midnight copying the final cds, and finishing everything up. I was really proud of Gemma for using all her tigerpower to stay up and help me. It made it possible for us to finish the job. She also made an excellent cup of tea.
The speed with which we set up internet connection sharing under Windows with wireless and ethernet was frightening. I wired my laptop into the net rather than doing ICS on mum’s machine.
We packed our stuff up and crashed out ready for the trip to Taree the next day.

Jan 18

Tuesday and we got to sleep in which was wonderful. We piled out of bed and had a yummy breakfast prepared by Judy. We organized to catch up with a few people that day and I wanted to show Gemma the sites of Tamworth.
Judy put the baked dinner on in attempt to cook it in 2 stages which didn’t prove to work out all that well but it wasn’t too bad.
First of all we did a little driving around Tamworth. Gemma got to see the T.A.F.E. that I used to teach at and my old high school. We also took her to the lookout which although not that useful was an experience. It brought back memories for me standing there realizing that I had moved away from that area years ago.
After that we decided to brave the main street; since if you’re in Tamworth in country music week and haven’t seen it before it is something you should do at least once.
Gemma bought a cane hat some jewelery for her mum, a booklet for her dad. the booklet was free but that was ok. I bought a Deer skin secret poutch thingo. I did figure out how to open it but I can’t remember how to do it now. Put it off for a rainy day.

Back to Judy’s and the baked lunch that I gave a 9 out of 10 too. Usually her baked lunches get 10 out of 10 but due to the 2 stage cooking it was a little strange.
Brian the poet was over for lunch and so was eliot.
We then visited the Andrews family; one of the families I had lived with in Tamworth years ago. We got all the family goss and caught up with what their children were doing. A couple of photos were taken and a few poem recitals done which I recorded badly on the phone. should have handed the phone to the poet. Ah not to worry.
We all piled into Judy’s little car for the trip back to Willowtree. The trip was fun but a little hairy since Judy seemed to consider the speed limit optional and had a little bit of a lead foot.
We got bacdk to mum’s place in time for tea. Another baked dinner it transpired. My sister had decided to stay on to catch up with us which was nice of her. We ate dinner then caught up with Uncle Allan and his wife Wander which wasn’t that interesting because we were so tired.
They all sat around arguing about where dad’s brother Colin lived and how you got there. Nobody knew exactly where he was so it was all speculation. Why not call the guy and find out for heaven’s sake?
We said good night and went to bed since the Tamworth trip had taken a lot out of us. Over all a Jam Packed day.

Jan 17

Monday and things got really busy. In the morning my brother and I started putting together mum’s pc. He did the hardware and we did the software. the system had been installed on a celeron SIS chipset system and the machine we built was via duron. XP decided that was a radical change of hardware and refused to boot. Great so it was time to reinstall the whole operating system and reload all the bibs and bobs onto the machine. The hardware went together with little problem and we even managed to get the dlink pci modem going with the default windows drivers. The Dlink drivers refused to work properly so I let Windows install the connexant drivers and got on with my life.
Installing the OS was a no-brainer and getting on the net was simlarly unexciting. Had to get down drivers and things which took up most of the day.
at about 5 it was time to leave for our anniversary dinner at the Marigold restraunt. This is by far my most favourite chinese restraunt and I was thrilled that finally got to try the food there. She enjoyed it a lot. Judy Allanson and Marg Newman were there and it was great to catch up with them all after so long. Judy asked if we could stay at her place and spend a little longer in Tamworth. We decided to do this since it was unlikely that we would get back to Tamworth any time soon in the future.
Dinner was excellent and we all had a dish of our choosing. They put us up in a little room upstairs which was nice and private.
I bid goodbye to Nanna and Aunty Wendy who weren’t going to be there on our return and we jumped into Judy’s car and went off to see her brother John and some friends that were over. We met a poet called Bryan and also caught up with Liz and Brian Chapman. I hadn’t seen them for years.
We had a cup of tea at john’s and talked to all the people present. Gemma got on well with Liz which was good. The poet had enough wise cracks to sink a battleship but for each line he had I had a rejoiner. Poor Gemma had to sit and bare it all.
I also caught up with Eliot Mcmaster who was a man who had been on the berma railway in world war 2. He is an interesting fellow and I was glad Gemma got to meet him.
We decided to go back to Judies house since we were all tired. We slept in the spare bedroom in a double bed and had a nice shower before going to bed. Judy offered Gemma some face cream which upset her for some reason which we still haven’t got to the bottom of. Caught up on the marital stuff since we had been staying in places where that kind of thing wasn’t really convenient.
Over all a full and eventful day.

Jan 16

Sunday Morning and it was time to get up and get ready to go back to
willowtree. We had toast and vegemite and Aunty Gale and Uncle Jo came over
to catch up with us before we left for Willowtree. I burnt a copy of the
wedding cd for Aunty Gale so she could take it back to adalaide with her.

We piled back into mum’s car and bid Uncle Col and Martin goodbye. It was
decided that we should stop at Gunadah to have McDonalds for lunch. the
drive back was hot since mum had no air conditioning so we put the windows
I had a couple of burgers which managed to fill me up nicely.
when we got back to Willowtree it was threatening to rain. We decided to
take an umbrella and go over to Aunty Sonya’s since I had not caught up with
her yet. I checked out the laser printer and organized for it to be moved
over to mum’s house. We enjoyed a drink at Sonya’s and saw a snipet of “30
seconds to fame” which was strange to say the least.
Tammie has grown a lot older and has turned into quite a hotty. We said a
few words to her before she shot out the door. Mum and aunty sonya don’t get
on at all well so the fact we were visiting was a touchy subject for mum. I
invited Aunty Sonya to the dinner but she gracefully declined. No harm done.
We had left over bbq stuff for dinner which was nice. It was good not to
worry about who was cooking dinner, when it was or what we would be havving.
I tend to dread mealtime because I either need to cook or convince Gemma to
cook who has the same dillema.
After dinner everyone sat down to play euchre which is a
game I could never learn. It involves knowing which cards are red and which
ones are black and it all depends on what gets dealt when as to what is
worth what. Too much complexity for me.
I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to stay up for and went to bed early.
Gemma went to bed as well.

Jan 15

Saturday and it was time to get ready for the big family do. Whilst my
sister and mother were organizing the coolroom I took the opportunity to
back up a few of my sister’s cds. Gemma was helping me but her laptop has a
matsushita drive that rips at 1x so it was impractical to rip more than one
cd on her machine. A right pain I can tell you.
I had an altercation with Aunty Wendy who seemd incapable of letting my
mother sit down for a 5 minute break. Just because she was on holiday did
not mean that she needed to slave drive my mother into the ground.
Gemma was getting angrier and angrier with her as well so we decided to get
out of my sister’s place. Uncle Col was off for a drive to pick up Martin so
we decided we would go along.
At the place where Martin worked we met a nice dog and I gave it a pat.
Martin gave us some grapes and a can of coke each which was apreciated in
the hot weather.
We drove back to Uncle Col’s and did some serious chilling out in his
Daniel and Sue came over and we had a big chat to Sue.

We were then taken back over to Sheree’s place place where we had a knap.
Gemma did not wake up happy and was in a shitty mood because of the heat and
the weather. Perth never gets as hot for as long as it does over east.
We had a bit of a tiff whilst showering because she wasn’t forming full
sentences and she was getting upset due to the lack of summer clothes she
had with her. We sorted it all out and went down for the bbq.
It was good to catch up with the 30 or so people that made the effort to
turn up at Narrabri and the food was excellent. Salads, Dessert and well
cooked meat. Mum really pulled out all the stops.
I caught up with Tony, Aunty Deb, Aunty Sue, James, Lester, Aunty Gale and
Uncle Jo, Genna (Jame’s gf) and the pile of kids that were over with the
Apart from the kids beeing obnoxious (harmlessly of course the night was a
good one.
After people went home we went back to Uncle col’s to sleep. We had a coffee
before going to bed and we sat quietly in the coolness of the night for
about 45 minutes. It was relaxing and extremely tranquil. I have not felt as
one with the world for awhile. I should get back into bushwalking I guess.
We had to sleep in the same room as dad who pinched Gemma’s bum a bit but he
was relatively well behaved.
Over all a good day.

Jan 14

Friday and we slept in after the long day on thursday. I got up an hour
before Gemma and made a cup of tea. I also hooked up some stuff in order to
get on the net and check the progress of my parent’s freight. found it was
due in that day but it ended up turning up saturday. Gemma got up and we
mucked around the house for a bit doing odds and ends. Mum and dad came home
for lunch then Aunty Wendy and Nanna came back with extra cold meat but mum
had allready made the sandwitches for us. It was decided that we should
travel to Narrabri that night so we got ready to go; a few changes of
clothes 2 laptops and the phones and chargers.
We decided to travel with mum which was a hot trip which took about 2 hours
or so. We arrived at Uncle Cols and Gemma was falling asleep. We had KFC for
dinner after which gemma went straight to bed. I went to see meet the
fockers with mum Sheree and aunty Wendy. It was a good movie but was rather
visual. I decided to stay at Sheree’s place with Gemma which is where she
was staying.
We got into trouble for talking so we got up and talked a bit. I was getting
angrier and angrier with Aunty Wendy which is nothing unusual. Sheree’s
house had air conditioning which was a nice change. One of the differences
between people in Narrabri and Perth is that the Narrabri people don’t mind
running their aircon if it is hot. Sleep was good and restfull.

13th Jan holiday post

Ok the story continues.
On the 13th I ended up waking at 4:30 in the morning. Gemma had not slept
well and mum was awake as well. We all got up and had a cup of tea. I set up
my laptop and got the wireless hotspot working and checked my email. It cost
me a few dollars because the first few times I screwed up the process and
got charged for 15 minutes of time I did not use. I got my email checked
which was wonderful. We were also entitled to breakfast so at 7 we went down
and hat a hot breakfast. It was quite nice and I enjoyed it a lot. Hell I
sound like when I write that sort of stuff.
We dragged all our gear to the train station and were an hour early. thems
are the breaks. Train trip was unaventful but I did use the noise cancelling
headphones and they worked well on the train. Lunch was Beef Burgindi in a
red wine sauce and a death by chocolate dessert which was called a “Def by
chocolate dessert” by the announcer. Food was good by railway standards.
There was this kid on the train called Steven who was constantly talking and wanting to play marbles all the time. We spent the trip plotting his demize which made his parents laugh a lot. We arrived in Willowtree at 3:10 or so and it was bloody hot. 35 degrees in
mum and dad’s dining room. We decided we would sleep through the heat of the
day and wait for it to cool down. My Nanna and Aunty Wendy turned up at
about 6 or so with Red Rooster. As usual they had not ordered enough which goes to
prove they don’t know how to buy take away for a group of people. Not a lot
else happened this day we went to bed early and slept well.

ah the first holiday post

I’ll be backdating these but they will probably show up on my friends page
in this order anyway. This takes up after the 11th January and fills in time
to the present.
12 January.
Ok we finally got to Sydney and organized after running around madly to get
ready for holidays. Jan 11 and we suddenly realized how much stuff we had to
do before we left. Cases to pack, upses to hook up and a meriod of
and turned up to drop Leah’s
stuff off because she would be house sitting our place. Toiletaries? piles
and piles of them. I never understand how girls manage to carry 3 tons of
stuff just to “look beautiful” and there are more bottles than the average
bottleshop. I have scientifically proven that girls do not die without these
toiletaries since gemma seems to live fine with a small bag full and with
one side of the vanity from day to day use.
After Leah and Cameron left we just kept packing and organizing and packing
and organizing until 5 in the morning. I was tired as hell. Ordered a couple
of new bits of software for my phone, power dictaphone, stacker and key
locker. bought stacker and dictaphone for so she has them
too. Forgot to get her keylocker need to order that.
crashed with 95% of the packing done and unable to function. I can’t
remember how many coffees I drank so that’s a bad sign. Set an alarm for
9:00am so we could be at the airport at 11:00.
Woke up and finished packing the bag. realized that all the comms gear and
pcs needed to be connected to the upses before I left. Cursed swore and got
on with it. I have 3 700VA units so I staggered the stuff across all 3.
One ups is the wombat ups. It runs wombat, wombat’s modem and the 24-port
switch. Celeron 333 so not a big load I would say. The second ups runs toiga
the billion and a power board for misc stuff. the 3rd ups runs gotss1, the
transport and the netgear. A hell of a recable but probably worth it. I need
to put the line conditioner in line with the ups at some point didn’t get to
it this time. Got Gemma to throw the main power switch. No computers dropped
out but the blip reset the transport. These are not true upses that run
things off the batteries they flick over when the power goes out with a
relay that is supposed to kick the inverter in rapidly enough to keep stuff
running. Most things with caps don’t notice but the transport is sensitive
to dips in the power.
Over all I am absolutely bloody chuffed about this given the fact that the
upses keep the core of the network running eextremely well and lightning
storms should not bounce the servers anymore.

Called a cab and piled all the luggage in. Trip to the airport was
unaventful. laptop bag was over weight but the woman let it through. I must
have smiled at her or something. Just goes to show puddle was over 7kg. glad
Gemma has a light notebook.
The virgin flight was rather good actually we were in the front row and
noise was minimal. used noise cancelling headphones to listen to aircraft
entertainment and they worked extremely well. Really cut down on the engine
noise and gave my ears a break.
Mum was in sydney waiting for us and she met us easily enough. We had
Macdonalds at the airport and got a cab back to the country comfort which
was rather nice to get to. Tried accessing the wireless hotspot nearby but
had no luck. Even did a site survey. As usual I was not happy with “it isn’t
working” and had to hunt for access points in the local area. I wish I could
give me a break at times.
Gemma was so tired she couldn’t read the aircon controls and just went to
sleep. Mum helped me with the aircon. Gemma did not sleep well and was too
scared to shag me when mum was in the same room. Silly girl mum
never worries about that stuff. still we live and learn.


Posting in here although I don’t have a lot to write. We saw Gemma’s friend Simon today whihch was nice; made him spring rolls and rice and of course we had some too. I got a new chordless screwdriver from Bunnings which is really cool. I was going to give my old one to Gemma but it looks like both of mine will be useful for different things so I should probably keep both. Gemma is better with a manual screwdriver anyway; she’s getting better but we usually leave the hardware to me.
We put more ram into the printer last night now it says it has 128meg which is strange considering it should only have a 64 and a 16 in it. Suppose we see if it crashes. Want to throw a big picture at it see how it copes might photocopy something like the megamemory book. I have a shitload of computer work to do today so I should probably get started on it need to put gotss1 back into its case since it just had its system board replaced. finally got the bluetooth working between my phone and laptop with the microsoft stack. now how to get the bloody witcom stack running with the Belkin dongle? argh. If anyone knows how to get the witcom stuff working under sp2 feel free to post a comment.
keeping strange hours at the moment hope they settle down when I go on Holidays. Will be strange going on holidays with a laptop but should be cool must rememver to pack some adapters and a modem. we can share the internet link with wireless or bluetooth so that is cool. We also got a new shower head you guessed it for our shower. Writing all this stuff shows me how borring my life must look to others. Comments?
supposed to set up the vpn stuff before I go away. ha ha ha like that will happen. Would have been nice to get on the network from away in the field but guess it won’t happen. Musst update the work packs before we leave or computer maintainance will be a real problem since we need to fix Carmanmary’s computer and my mum’s if I get it built.
Getting new shelving tomorrow so I can stack stuff in the bedroom. added worm1000 to my friends list so I can see his entries.
think that is all I need to write at the moment might look for some dinner and get started on all this computer work that needs doing. hopefully food will motivate me to get off my arse.

finally a post

Here I am writing in this thing again. Today was interesting to say the least. I got up early this morning to listen to the mosen explosion a radio show on the wave an nz radio station. I learnt a little about rss that looks like interesting technology.
went back to bed and got up at 1:30 when crypticgirl and chromatica turned up to pick up keys and take us to bunnings.
Had one of those open the door what the fuck moments. I’ve never seen either of them that unhappy before especially in each other’s company.
Of course I have no intention of writing what I think on live journal for the world to see since it isn’t really for the world to read about.
I don’t know what happend beyond what was publically posted on the comments section of live journal but I hope one day to find out. It hurts like hell to see two friends suffering like this and knowing I can’t currently do anything to help. You guys were here for us a few weeks back when we were having problems; and for that I will forever be greatful for. If we can help you guys we are here.
If all I base my opinions on is the comments section of lj then i’d say perhaps you are both right and perhaps you are both wrong and I hope talking whatever the problem through is will help you guys sort shit out. communication is the key even though that may cost either of you more than you wish to invest right now. I have seen the happiness this union has brought the pair of you and I will personally shed a tear if it were to end, Together you are both stronger than the sum of yourselves try not to forget that. So I’ll write about something else now even though I feel troubled. If you guys want to keep us up all night like we did to you; i’d loose sleep gladly.

had delicious hungry jacks today with ghoath and tibiania and that was a lot of fun.
I’d just like to say that if you honestly want me to help out with what you are after Tibiania I don’t mind at all since ghoath doesn’t mind someone else helping me with it.
I fell asleep after some excellent sex with my wife and woke up a couple of hours later. I’m not tired at the moment and intend to recable the bedroom tonight and fight with the bluetooth dongle. bloody thing refuses to talk to the data suite.
looking at building a computer for my mum this weekend which should keep me busy. Might give her the slow memory out of the group of 3 ddr sticks.
I know I’m not loosing a machine I absolutely require and I need to get over myself. If I need another machine I can buy one and I know mum needs this more than I do.
I have gotss1 spanky winbox and joana all over the 500mhz barrier and I have oldwinbox as well.
Wonder if I should give mum Joana? looks like it will suit her needs. Will talk to ghoath about it.
anyway that is all I need to write at the moment so write again soon.


A quick post for today not a lot happening. tried to dub off some voyager for Bianca’s parents but their dvd player doesn’t seem to like ntsc. It drops bits of videos or something and I am sure it is something to do with the ntsc since our stuff plays it just fine.
Ripping more cds. they never seem to stop. Found some cds of ours we were looking for lurking in the racks and discovered I have two copies of new adventures in hi-fi by r.e.m. which was a nasty misscalculation on my part. getting used to writing on this laptop the keyboard feels a bit cramped compared to what I am used to. I will shift the machine forward see if that makes things better. I am supposed to get all these things done before I go on holidays. not sure how many I will get done. bluetooth or at least infra-red comms with the phone is high on the list. also want to sort out some computers on the shelf see if I can get ethernet and the power hooked up over there and the like. Got foil up on the windows with the ehelp of my darling wife. She got a bit stressed but we managed it and I am sure it will keep the heat down since the shiny bit of the foil faces out so it should reflect well. Tomorrow will be a big test since it will be 37 or so they reckn.
Chris is coming over to help me put in a system board so that will be good get one of my boxes running again. I need to freight the board back at some point not sure when.
looking forward to my upses turning up but hope they get here before I go away. I don’t really want Leah and Cam trying to recable the computers that is highly messy to do. I want to get some more hammer lock shelving so I can put it up along the other wall of the room like a work bench. If I get 2 lots of shelving one lot can be used as benches and another lot used in another room like the loungeroom when the Piano goes. Still thinking about it and seeing how I feel about it when we get to bunnings.
not sure if I am building a computer for mum or not; another thing to codgitate on. I think she needs a new computer but she doesn’t have the money and there is nothing i’d really like to send over that I feel confident about at this stage.
Anyway getting tired so that is about all I will write tonight.