Jan 24

Monday and it was time to fly home to Perth. We were all rather cheerful
about this since it meant back to the ADSL, the house we know and the things
we enjoy. We got up; showered again (because I like to travel clean) and
headed down to meet Ross who was taking us to the airport.
Checkin was uneventful; we couldn’t decide whether or not to get macdonalds
but decided to buy Virgin food on the plane.
The person sitting next to Gemma on the way back was Mr Bishop her gitar
teacher. I found him annoying and a grumpy bastard. this is not unusual I am
Most of the flight was uneventful; we watched an episode of voyager. I had
headphones but did not plug in the inflight entertainment at all. Either I
missed the occurance but the hostesses played no little games on this
flight. Perhaps Virgin only plays the games on random flights.
the trip was long but it usually is; not a lot to do and we were tired from
travelling. Cameron picked us up from the airport and we took our gear home.
We bought him hungry jacks as a thank you for the lift and he showed us his
ipod. wonderful if you can see but I can’t see myself getting one any time
soon unless they make them talk.
The house was as we left it for the most part, and we came home and slept.
Overall the holiday was wonderful and a good time was had by all.

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