Jan 19

Wednesday our last full day in Willowtree. This was the day in which we were supposed to get all our last minute things done or at least a good percentage of them. We were up relatively early for us 8 or so if memory serves and had breakfast before mum went out to moe. After some necessary coffee it was time to get stuck into the computer since we wanted to give mum a lesson on it that afternoon and it needed to be ready for that. This involved installing service packs, office, publisher, the printer, checking internet connection, anti-virus software, superdat updates, windows updates and the usual housekeeping you need for a safe XP machine. My brother had bought pc authority which had a lot of the drivers we needed and a lot of the programs so we did not have to download megs and megs at 41kbps.
the speed was a little slow and that involved uncabling the whole phone setup to see what was wrong with it. Dad was cool with this and suggested we recable from scratch to “find out what the fucking problem was” in his words.
Gemma sorted what we needed off the cds and we set up a little peer to peer network in 5 seconds flat to move stuff around. We had bought a little 5-port dlink switch with us for exactly that purpose. Although the switchmode that ran it hummed like an intern the switch behaved flawlessly.
We did get most of the computer finished although we had no jaws key disk so it meant a reboot every 40 minutes. That’s the last time I forget my keydisk.
I could have booted the old windows 95 box that mum had and made a disk but it wasn’t worth the bother.
We did do the lesson with mum and she saw a bit of the internet, email and learnt how to change the cartridges on the printer. I explained that if you didn’t have the power on the printer would not center the cartridge when the top cover was lifted. Mum felt rather silly but was glad to learn the trick. Looks like the HP Deskjet is working flawlessly even if the cartridges are rather expensive. I will have to look for some non-genuin ones to save mum a small fortune. Yes I know non-genuin fucks your printer; but if that is all the problem is we’ll get her a new printer.

Dinner was nice and quiet just Dad Mum Gemma and I. Dad had scavenged a chordless phone from the tip so we set it up and showed him how to use it whilst mum talked to an old school friend on the phone.
Gemma and I then sat up till midnight copying the final cds, and finishing everything up. I was really proud of Gemma for using all her tigerpower to stay up and help me. It made it possible for us to finish the job. She also made an excellent cup of tea.
The speed with which we set up internet connection sharing under Windows with wireless and ethernet was frightening. I wired my laptop into the net rather than doing ICS on mum’s machine.
We packed our stuff up and crashed out ready for the trip to Taree the next day.

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