Jan 15

Saturday and it was time to get ready for the big family do. Whilst my
sister and mother were organizing the coolroom I took the opportunity to
back up a few of my sister’s cds. Gemma was helping me but her laptop has a
matsushita drive that rips at 1x so it was impractical to rip more than one
cd on her machine. A right pain I can tell you.
I had an altercation with Aunty Wendy who seemd incapable of letting my
mother sit down for a 5 minute break. Just because she was on holiday did
not mean that she needed to slave drive my mother into the ground.
Gemma was getting angrier and angrier with her as well so we decided to get
out of my sister’s place. Uncle Col was off for a drive to pick up Martin so
we decided we would go along.
At the place where Martin worked we met a nice dog and I gave it a pat.
Martin gave us some grapes and a can of coke each which was apreciated in
the hot weather.
We drove back to Uncle Col’s and did some serious chilling out in his
Daniel and Sue came over and we had a big chat to Sue.

We were then taken back over to Sheree’s place place where we had a knap.
Gemma did not wake up happy and was in a shitty mood because of the heat and
the weather. Perth never gets as hot for as long as it does over east.
We had a bit of a tiff whilst showering because she wasn’t forming full
sentences and she was getting upset due to the lack of summer clothes she
had with her. We sorted it all out and went down for the bbq.
It was good to catch up with the 30 or so people that made the effort to
turn up at Narrabri and the food was excellent. Salads, Dessert and well
cooked meat. Mum really pulled out all the stops.
I caught up with Tony, Aunty Deb, Aunty Sue, James, Lester, Aunty Gale and
Uncle Jo, Genna (Jame’s gf) and the pile of kids that were over with the
Apart from the kids beeing obnoxious (harmlessly of course the night was a
good one.
After people went home we went back to Uncle col’s to sleep. We had a coffee
before going to bed and we sat quietly in the coolness of the night for
about 45 minutes. It was relaxing and extremely tranquil. I have not felt as
one with the world for awhile. I should get back into bushwalking I guess.
We had to sleep in the same room as dad who pinched Gemma’s bum a bit but he
was relatively well behaved.
Over all a good day.

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