Jan 14

Friday and we slept in after the long day on thursday. I got up an hour
before Gemma and made a cup of tea. I also hooked up some stuff in order to
get on the net and check the progress of my parent’s freight. found it was
due in that day but it ended up turning up saturday. Gemma got up and we
mucked around the house for a bit doing odds and ends. Mum and dad came home
for lunch then Aunty Wendy and Nanna came back with extra cold meat but mum
had allready made the sandwitches for us. It was decided that we should
travel to Narrabri that night so we got ready to go; a few changes of
clothes 2 laptops and the phones and chargers.
We decided to travel with mum which was a hot trip which took about 2 hours
or so. We arrived at Uncle Cols and Gemma was falling asleep. We had KFC for
dinner after which gemma went straight to bed. I went to see meet the
fockers with mum Sheree and aunty Wendy. It was a good movie but was rather
visual. I decided to stay at Sheree’s place with Gemma which is where she
was staying.
We got into trouble for talking so we got up and talked a bit. I was getting
angrier and angrier with Aunty Wendy which is nothing unusual. Sheree’s
house had air conditioning which was a nice change. One of the differences
between people in Narrabri and Perth is that the Narrabri people don’t mind
running their aircon if it is hot. Sleep was good and restfull.

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