it’s me again

Here I am posting to my jurnal new year’s day 2005. How does 2005 feel? Well
apart from the slightly longer finger stretch for the 5 on the number row
not different at all. I’m a little older and possibly a little wiser; then
again possibly not.
It’s warm today haven’t heard a weather report so not sure if we hit 33 or
not but the humidity feels at about 60% so it’s a little muggy.
We bought a new printer yesterday a Cannon IP3000 it prints photos nicely
and does a good job at plain paper printing much better than the I250. It’s
a lot heavier too so either they put a brick or two in it or there are more
The last 2 days have been fun; forgot to get her medication
so although most of the days were good there were 10 minute periods of
slight craziness. I almost got into a yelling match with her over things too
stupid to even remember but we made up and got on with our day. It never
ceases to amaze me how much we depend on other people and how it’s just you
and the other in your house and if either of you don’t do something then it
damn well doesn’t get done. For that reason either of us just has to do
shit. that’s the way it is.

New year’s eve/night was good; although we had some not so good sex which
made me a little sad. Still; once in a blue moon it must happen to everyone
and when Gemma’s depression is on the rampage her interactions are strange
with anyone. I’m not complaining as such but it does help me to write about
it to get it out of my system.
Whether I suffer from depression or whether I am just a grumpy bastard
remains to be seen.
I spoke to Will new year’s eve and also caught up with elise and zoey. they
are all good.
Hit a brick wall trying to build mum’s machine. I was trying to build her a
Celeron 433 with 256megs of ram but the board runs as slow as a wet week
even with 7200rpm drives in it. Looks like she might need to get something
new I would reckn. I really don’t like trying to build computers from
halfway across the country I find the support problems are infinitely
I’m not sure how awake I am given the fact that I have spent 1.5hr asleep
this afternoon after getting up at 10am. We had to get up early to get ‘s medication and we got chicken treat. that was nice actually
although I am getting sick of take away.
I’m feeling a bit flat today not sure what jobs to do in what order. I have
a pile of backing up to do which I really must get started on.
I really want a disk array and some Ups’s and and and well lots of things.
that’s enough for now will write more later.

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