How stuff is for me right now

This is likely to get a little long and rambley but at the risk of breaking a few enter keys from people having to hit links twice or thrice i’ll put it under a cut.

We now aproach the end of semester and as usual funding of Cavi is left to almost the death nel. We currently have no funding to continue beyond next semester, and even then it is possible that only one person will be employed to keep it all together.
that person if that is the case will be me, although i’m glad I have as many volenteers as I do working with me or i’d never get everything done.

I have signed the exit survey and as of July 2 i’m efficially unemployed. If I continue on paid by the Association or another entitty child support will stay near where it is, otherwise it is set to fall. This will save me aprox $300 a month and make Veronica and the Child a little poorer.

Life at home has settled down to some sort of normality which is to say that the depression is better than it was and Grace and I are getting on better than we did. The fact that I have convinced her that when i’m depressed she can’t fix whatever the perceived problem is makes life a lot better for me at least.

The plan is to sort the divorce when Gemma and I are both in Melbourne. I need to do this in order that Grace can go on an intent to Marry Visa.
I suspect that this will knock me around a lot and i’ll probably be rather depressed about the whole thing. I know that this is to be expected and divorce is not meant to be easy if you still care about the other person but I guess it’s just par for the course.

We now have a new fisher and Pykel 6.5kg washing machine that works well. Clothes get washed and end up drier.
It’s not front loading, but that’s ok we enjoy toploading machines and have never been charged excess water usage.

Savings have taken a beating which is to be expected given that I am now the proud owner of new aforementioned machine which I paid half for and also an Htc Toutchpro 2.
I bought the mobile geo license when it was on special and then found the epix unstable.
Ironically the stability of the epix has improved however the keyboard is tiny and a right pain to enter points of interest into. The touch screen is also small and difficult to do the slide gestures on.

The touch pro 2 is a nice pda, with 5-row slide-out keyboard and a large screen. It has Micro SDHC and I have a nice large card in it to store maps and software. A shop on ebay got me screen protecters usb to earphone adapters and a couple of cases to protect the unit.

I need to get back into the hemi-sync stuff and the spiritual exploration although I haven’t stopped completely. It’s a case of putting the time aside each day for it and sticking with it.

I don’t think I have the energy to update much more so this will have to do for now. Think i’ll get an early night or similar.

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