Here it is

Here is another entry. Well busy last couple of days.
had all sorts of computer woes. where do I start? well for reasons unknown I
noticed that gotss1 the main server box we have here decided to have all
sorts of wibbles and started telling me that flac files were corrupt one
minute and fine the next. nasty shit. So I decided to run the tests included
with flac to see if there was a bug in the codec.
flac is “Free lossless codec” and you can check it out at
I use it to archive up all my audio losslessly so you get a flac and a
queuesheet. it saves 40% space so you get about 6.2gb of audio on a dvd
about 12 normal sized albums.

so anyway gotss1 decided to corrupt data so I tested sticks of ram and found
6000 memory errors. I then tested other sticks and found thousands on all 5
of them. uh oh not ram but board problems.
so I put all my 1.5gb of ram in another box and tested it all with memtest+ and it went through with no errors.
so that was ok and meant I had to retrofit the computer into another box.
So I dragged spanky out of the cupboard stripped down the drives and ram and
put the data side of gotss1 in it. I then hand checked all the file systems
and brought the box online. ok the fan is noisy I admit that. I got the box
to go into power save mode but they tell me that is potentially dangerous.
oh great. so either cool and quiet and possibly unstable or noisy and full
power. I bet the box draws 100 watts when it ain’t doing much.
So I guess I back up and enable the powersave mode. That way if the box
corrupts itself I don’t loose a pile of data.
It’s in noisy mode now because I have 200g of data not backed up.

Life has been good the past few days although we have had a few minor
snapping incidents. This is normal I guess. Sometimes gets
an idea in her head about what I should know or should do and it isn’t what
i’m actually doing. Most of the time we sort it out or I shrug it off; not
much more I can do about it.

Had excellent sex last night; not sure if I should write that in here but
what the hell. I can’t explain how good it was since it is rather a personal
thing but take my word for it it was excellent.

Then again sex with my wife is excellent more often than not which is one of
the many reasons I Married her along with how we think similarly a lot of
the time; our money sense etc etc etc.

Looking at buying some new hardware will write in here if I get any of it
and will let you all know what I think of it when it turns up.
Getting sick of writing for the moment think I’ll leave this entry here for
when my back isn’t aching as much.

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