I had never heard this term until a couple of years ago. For those
who are unaware of what it means ghosting is when someone simply stops communicating with you and does not reply to your messages.
This can be for many reasons, but the difference between ghosting and cutting off contact is that no reasons are given and no communications take place.
The problem with ghosting is that the victim of the ghosting is left wondering what happened and why the communications broke down.

I accept that sometimes people just don’t want to talk to another person and decide that breaking contact is the best and cleanest way to do this.
I personally miss the days when people would just tell you to your face that they didn’t want to talk to you.
Now these days your messages get ignored. At least if I get told someone does not want to talk to me I know to stop trying to contact them.

Seriously: If you don’t want to talk to me let me know and I’ll leave you alone I promise. Ghosting just seems so tedious and hurtful.
I guess Adel had a point with her song “Hello”

I have deliberately left out personal details and stories in this post as putting that stuff online probably won’t achieve anything.

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