Finally an up to date entry.

Well I have decided not to cover the last 2 weeks since I have been back
since they were rather hectic and I am all typed out after typing up the
holiday entries.
It is my birthday tomorrow and I turn 29. We are off to nandoes for lunch
which should be a lot of fun. I will be having a few friends over to have
lunch with me.

There have been a lot of things happening so I will touch on a few of them.
I got the laser printer set up and the new set of shelving up in the
bedroom. helped me of course.
I can’t seem to get the printer to switch into postscript mode but
apparently I need to throw some control codes at it to get this to happen. I
will look at it when I get to it.
The set of shelving in the loungeroom took a lot of stuff up off the floor
and we have a coutch to sit on. Furthermore the coutch is in the right place
to listen to the stereo which was what I wanted.
I have all the upses hooked up on the shelving in the bedroom and have
tested them. I get 22 minutes for gotss1, an hour for toiga and 1.5 hours
for wombat when the power goes out. I need to program the serial port stuff
so the ups can tell the computer to shut down by itself.
I could probably get more time out of the ups for gotss1 if I switched the
athlon into power saving mode. If the serial port stuff works I might do
this in the shutdown script.
I have been busy ripping cds and setting up the loungeroom the way we want
it. this included the death of some old boxes and putting my laptop back
onto the table where it belongs. Clearing the laser printer into the bedroom
has given us a lot more space on the glass table.
Gemma has been putting together the wedding dvd which is coming along
extremely well. I am highly impressed with the results.
Have been corrosponding with someone I met on okcupid and things are going
well. I am really looking forward to meeting her and spending some time with
I have ordered and received 1 of my linksys routers; I ordered 3.
They assure me the other 2 will turn up soon. I have purchased the sveasoft
firmware but don’t seem to have access to the site
to download it. This annoys me no end because I am waiting to play with the
firmware and I have paid my money for it.
I need to diagnose Pam’s computer when it gets dropped over. this should
prove a lot of fun and I am curious to find out what is wrong with it. If it
is board she is up for a few new components.
I am looking forward to the mini party tomorrow it should be fun. I have to
upgrade packages on a mail server and do another few little jobs this
weekend. I am emptying my hard drives off onto dvd media so I can have some
of the space back.
Gemma is putting together all our pictures so we can stick them on a dvd as
/hold/incoming is finally getting organized and stuff is easier to find.
having trouble with one of the gateways crashing every 2 or 3 days, turned
off apm in the hopes that the crashing would stop. otherwise I debug the
Anyway I am tired and am sick of writing in lj for now. Will keep this thing
up to date from here on in I hope.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Hey Kerry,

    Since I can’t be arsed going into the webmail client and, you know, going to all the effort of composing an email (because we all know how arduous that is…), I thought I’d wish you a happy birthday here. I’ve been thinking of you today, and I hope the trip to Naaaaaando’s went well. 🙂

    All the best!

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