free computers

Ok we’re looking at getting rid of at least 5 computers which are free to a good home.
If nobody wants these they get donated to TADWA.
boxes only, no keyboards mice etc.
consider these as systems for upgrading.

No returns, no warranty and no support of any kind. If they don’t work, put them out as junk.

First in gets best systems possibly with 512 megabytes of ram in a box.

No monitors. I personally don’t use them therefore I do not put them on systems I build; and Gemma owns all the monitors in this house except for the ones on our laptops.

Machines work, have at least one optical drive and soundcard.
Machines have at least 256 megabytes of ram.

Most have graphics cards with at least 32-megabytes of graphics ram.
2 of them have g-force 4 mx440 8x AAGP cards.

We have 2x AMD athlon 2400 systems, 3 ram-banks accepting ddr memory.
Gigabyte Ga7-vt600 boards 2x ide interfaces, floppy drive and cdrom.

2x athlon duron 1200 systems, floppy drive, optical drive and 3x ram banks accepting ddr memory. AGP 4x graphics slots with graphics card installed.

we also have 1x Celeron 300 system, 320 megs sdram, 10gb drive, graphics and sound cards, 4x usb 2.0 ports on a PCI card. dvd-rom drive tested and working.

Also 2x Celeron 333 fanless systems, 512-megs SDRAM, 4gig drives, dual network cards if desired. Makes excellent packet shaping firewall, used here for that purpose. no sound cards.

Systems can be collected as is or leave time for testing and configuration.
First in gets what spare hard drives we have.

free samsung bar fridge

The subject says it all.
If you want a free 120l Samsung bar fridge and are willing to pick it up from Lockridge you’re welcome to it.

comments screened leave a comment if interested.
Bar fridge has small freezer, works well and keeps things extremely cold if not turned down.

Can’t sleep

It’s 4:49 in the morning and I can’t sleep; i’ve been awake since 3 or so.
Gemma’s sleep machine woke me and I couldn’t get back to sleep; I tried to go to the 3rd bedroom but that didn’t help. I’m off to bed again now to see if I drop off. I did get useful stuff done;
got the wolfson datasheet for the fit-pc, got newer versions of the soundforge 9 scripts, started a file transfer,
checked latest version of homer scripts, caught up on friends page and had a cup of earl gray.
Hopefully i’ll get a few hours sleep before freight rules this morning.

enaly ionizers and things that break in the night

Well the enaly ionizers turned up today and they seem to work well. I did however manage to break one 15 minutes after getting it going.
I figured out how to remove the cleaning plate; however I could not figure out how to get the plate on again. At the top there is a tab that holds things in place and at the bottom there are 2 retaining lugs. I managed to snap these off. The net affect now is that I can’t get the front to stay on the ionizer without bluetack or similar so I think i’ll send all the bits down to dr_bangs in Melbourne to play with.

i’m sure the device wil work without the cleaning plate although it might be a tad dangerous. I’m angry about the accident but not a lot I can do about it now.

The packs are 220v 50hz however they have flat straight prongs so they might need a little bit of bending to make work. The voltage requirement is 12v at half an amp.

The ionizers generate a hell of a breeze for their size; however they do produce a lot of ozone. Inside there are ionizing spikes, and there is an iron metal collecting plate that is supposed to catch dust and grime.
It is a bit of a worry however that the collection plate is iron and not stainless steal. I guess this is why the ionizer is $39 US and not more expensive. It appears you get what you pay for.

ozone output is high which is why it has modes on for 15 minutes and off for 30, and on for 30 minutes and off for 30.

More later

another update

Server is still down so I am not responding to comments anywhere near as quickly as I usually do as my email domains are still down.

I have managed to put the raid arrays back together and have the critical information off the partitions I intend to reinstall onto;
i’ll reinstall a base copy of ubuntu server to the smaller partitions and then bring the rest of the stuff on line and fix ownerships on files after the fact.

Today was relatively productive and we went over to a friend’s place to sort out their new adsl modem. I managed to screw over the config by hitting the wrong link and had to reset and redo the modem from scratch.
No biggy but it slowed me down a bit.
The problem with most modems is that they enable a dhcp server when you power them up from factory defaults. This server fights with the Linux box allready on the network so I needed to shut the Linux box down and reconfigure the modem’s ip address and dhcp server settings.

I then had another modem to set up as a secondary access point down the other end of the house. This will provide excellent coverage and although wds is possible; I doubt the 2 access points can talk to each other wirelessly so the cable is the best option.
I tried to explain to Chris what was going on; however it was apparent that the level of complexity and the steps were a bit too much to take in.
Funny how this stuff looks like magic to those not in the know.

We received dinner; cuppas and watched a pile of foxtel for our trouble.

We’re having more problems with the gigabit netgear gs1008 switches; after receiving 2 new sealed ones from netgear as warranty returns.
The lights on the front of the switch go crazy when we hook in a gigabit cable; then the link blips in and out.

I still have 1 sealed switch in its box to test; however I think we might have a problem with our cables or something strange is going on as the 2 other switches we returned did exactly the same thing.
either the network cards in our laptops are killing the switchs, (they’re realtek 8168 cards)
or something else funny is going on. I’m seriously considering getting some managed switches in order to have more diagnostic abilities.

Pitty the managed switches aren’t cheap.
There is a cable tester built into the card on my asus board; however I wish I had something else to test with or knew of some network pci cards that could do similar tests under Windows or Linux.

i’m not a big enterprise fan, it is one version of Star trek that I have trouble getting into. Perhaps I should watch it from the start sometime.

There’s some intraspective posts that will go in here when I get time to write them; but it’s been a long day. Time to sleep I believe.

server down

Well today we find out why it is a good idea to check that your initial ramdisk is in good shape on the primary file server.
I shut gotss1 and wil down today because of the storms, and gotss1 won’t boot up now; claiming not to be able to find the raid modules or in particular the raid5 modules.
I’m sure I could fix this with judicious use of ubuntu’s rescue mode however the box runs Debian etch and I wanted to take it to Ubuntu anyway.
Looks like this little wibble has forced my hand. Lucky it is a long weekend and I have a little external drive to install Linux onto so I can check consistancy of the raid arrays and get the data off them I need before reinstalling ubuntu.

I’ll drag the box out here and wage war on it with a serial cable and see what I can get to work. it’ll be good to move to uuid-based drive identifiers rather than /dev/mdx as the detection order can change.

In other news lots of new cool stuff has turned up. The airganix ion tower turned up last Monday; and we set it up. initially it put out a pile of ozone which was a little annoying however now it has settled down and is working well.
It’s on the list of cool asian stuff now.
tuesday the ionmax iontower from zazz showed up and we put it in our bedroom.
As a result there seems to be a lot less dust in the air and we sleep better as a result. I’ve wiped a pile of black crud off the collection blades so the ionizer is doing its job.

Gemma also received her 2 sets of inline skates but the boots were too narrow and did not fit her feet.
Asian manifacturered skates for narrow asian feet i’d wager; or perhaps we just have wide feet.

Guess that’s what we get for ordering them from at a rediculously cheap price.
The length of the skate is fine; but the width is small so gemma’s toes scrunch up.
we’ll probably get rid of the skates on ebay at some point.

my 3 gigabit cards turned up; which begs the question whether or not to put one of them in gotss1 when it gets reinstalled; it appears that the marvell ethernet is not jumbo-frame safe under Linux or at least under older kernels.

Gemma has been doing a lot better on the reduced dose of her medication and had a full week including Cisco on Wednesday and Thursday, and an afternoon/evening of socialization.

Class seems to be going ok; with both the instructors ahead of shedule.

We managed to miss 2 lots of freight on Friday; so I picked up the ionizers on Saturday and have all 3 of them set up around the house. This means that the airganix will go into cisco and the ionmax one and the ones will run here.

We also ordered 3 of the little pcs from machines that are extremely light, small, quiet and power efficient.
The pcs only use 5 watts and are about the size of a paperback book.
this means I can install Linux on one of my eeepcs and use it for kismet and aircrack-ng to learn about wireless networks.

The enaly ion generators should turn up on Tuesday which will be interesting. They were $39 US plus a packet of shipping.
The shipping from China was a bit expensive but build quality seems good on their ozone generators so we’ll see how they go.
that’s all the general stuff I want to post at the moment.

due to the fact that the usage of the word “chinky” caused a comment thread; this post has been reworded to obviscate a potentially offensive term.
It appears that this journal is garanteed to offend someone out there in lj land. oh well.

general update

ok this wil not be long as I am typing on an eeepc.

last 4 days have been interesting as Gemma is coming down off the lovan. we dont know how this will go long term or whether it will be successful so fingers crossed.
she’s on half a tablet for 3 weeks, then if that works well quarter of a tablet for another 3 weeks.

She was a bit funny this morning due to lack of sleep which could be atributed to the ipod, and too much butter.
No numbness or funny turns lately so we see how things go.

ordered a stack of stuff online and it’s now all turning up.
we got the tvsn ionizer and pamper pack;
also the zazz ion tower which puts out less ozone and lots more ions.
we picked up the fit ball; and also got 2 sets of inline skates which were too narrow for gemma’s feet.

i’ll post in more detail when I have a bigger keyboard to type on.

the strange poll

You’re all wondering why the strange poll right?
Gemma is coming down off her ssris and yes we have medical aproval and advice and it’s going to take about 6 weeks to complete the drop-off down to zero gradually.

we got to talking about voices in your head and how many there were or should be. Me? only 1 but I can pretend there are more if I want. I’m interested to see who else in lj land has what voices.
Only Gemma and I can see the results.
We will not tell on you even if there are 20 green aliens in your skull.

quick update and shaped

Just a few quick notes.
We’re shaped until the 26th. This means skype has been shut down; and all essential net trafic has been eliminated except for torrents which run at off-peak times.

I didn’t watch the usage and managed to miscalculate so stuff is slow here at the moment.

Yesterday went to shopping center, managed to get the Netgear switches and the drive posted back.

trying to order stuff from the US however their mail server rejects my mail. Not cool.
I’ll have to phone them tonight and sort it out as I want the order to ship sooner rather than later.

I’m working on getting kismet going on the eeepc; might then work on aircrack-ng not sure.
Trying to resist the urge to buy a 3rd eeepc on which to install Linux. I am contenting myself with the fact that I can buy an hp mininote instead and turn one of the eeepcs into a Linux box at some point.
That’s about it for the moment.

Gemma update

If you thought all of the latest posts were about Gemma you’d be right.

Ok last wibble was Thursday morning; gave her an Aspirin and she recovered.

Wibble beeing defined as slurred speech; slower than normal thought processes and movement.
She has been fine since then although she started feeling numb again at 3:20pm Friday, and her speech was affected again.
I have given her an Aspirin disolved in a full glass of water to dilute it a little and we see how she goes.

Managed to chase the paper trail regarding her referral to Charleys yesterday and today; she is booked into the
Neurology PRU for 19th May 2008 at 10am. That isn’t so bad.

Gemma had a bit of an emotional overload earlier today; which shows her braing is still recovering from the past week or so. This is to be expected.
She was fine yesterday, and did manage to get stuff done along with cooking chops and pasta, and had a productive day all told.
She hasn’t done too badly today; apart from small overload and funny turn that she has now snapped out of as of 3:58pm

Looks like I am still set to monitor her.
General non-Gemma update soon.

Gemma update

Ok here is the update for today.

Gemma awoke this morning with sslurred speech and sluggish movements.
this improved as she had her cereal and we checked to get an appointment for her at the gp’s which was fully booked.
I had slept so deeply I managed to get up and cancel the alarm after getting 2 calls from my Mother and Sister checking on things in the early morning 5 or so Perth time.

I ended up getting up at 10 and they organized to squeeze her in at the practice between patients.
I rang mbf and organized ambulance cover which will become active tomorrow.
We got the cab down to the surgery and got her in without incident. We told our story to Doctor Closser and he wrote the referral letter to Charley’s and sent along the doctor’s letter from emergency last night.
Gemma and I went to Mcdonalds for lunch; then across to woolworths to get a few things including some apples and disolvable aspirin.
We called a cab and waited for it at the shopping center and got gemma home.

I called charlies and checked on referral they had not received it yet.
I got some sleep until Chris Bianca’s father woke me by knocking on the door to drop off money for his jaycar purchases. this was aprox 4pm I had alarm set for 4:30.

I rang the surgery and the secretary got the referral letter and faxed it through. I call charley’s tomorrow morning to make sure they have the letter even if it is in the non-urgent pile.

You must chase the bloody paper trail every step of the way it seems. I’m of course looking into private health cover but they won’t cover existing conditions so I need to keep an eye on that also.

we read the leaflet of the contraceptive pill Vallette she is on today and it said that thrombosis is one of the side affects that could potentially occur.
She’s off that pill now; it was the last thing in so the first thing out.
i’ll clear that with the doctor tomorrow but I saw no sense her taking it tonight we’re not having sex in the condition she’s in anyway and when we do we have other methods of contraception anyway.

Tonight I slept from 4:30 till 7:20 and got up to catch up with email and friends; had a friend pick up a computer which is missbehaving.
Managed to get Gemma up to eat a tin of spaghetti; and have a drink and some disolvable aspirin.
she was still blipping in and out; going from very good and alert to slurred speech and slow thinking.

500mg aspirin helped but I don’t want to give her that often; it’s something I keep for when there is nothing else to use or do.

She’s back to bed now; i’ll check her tomorrow morning as I need to sleep.
Problem is our closest hospital is Swan Districts and unless you are a textbook case and show signs like low bsl or low blood pressure they have no neurology and can’t test her for much other than a ct scan.
They will also send her home unless she is paralized or critical.

i’m sending her down to her Parents’ place for a few days if possible; give me a bit of a break.
I hate doing it and i’ll be lonely but they are closer to charley’s than I am.
I need to sleep this will have to do for now.
thanks for all the well-wishes we’re doing what we can.

hopefully the last update for awhile

Gemma is home she has improved; had blood tests and ct scans with and without x-ray fluids.
nothing nasty showed up however she has a referral letter to clynic at Charley’s for nurology.
I monitor her and see how she goes; if she gets bad it’s back to Hospital.
We take her to the gp’s tomorrow; get the referral written.

more Gemma health foo

Here is another Gemma update.
Point form because I am tired.
Funny turn in the morning of Monday. 2 more funny turns throughout the day, speech slurring each time. Decided to take her to emergency last night; although gp at hospital said there was nothing wrong and sent her home with slurred speech.
This morning she got up and put the bins out; made some crumpets and had a cuppa. She still had slurred speech and felt strange. She went back to bed for a sleep; got up for a bit more and had a shower and checked the mailbox. Sh also helped put some dishes away and cooked some nuggets.
This was not because I was unwilling to do these things but she wants to stay active to keep her brain trained.
She went back to bed and at 2 started feeling strange and numb. I called the gp to see if she could get in early and they had the appointment down for tomorrow managed to get her one today but I could not move her too much dead wait.
She went numb down the left-hand side and could hardly talk; getting her onto her side was an effort.
I could not move her so called an ambulance and took her to Swan districts again.
Same trearge nurse was on today and noticed I was back. I told her that Gemma was now numb down the left-hand side and that she had most likely had a stroke.
When doctor saw her he agreed that this was more serious so Gemma is going for a CT scan tonight and hopefully an MRI at some point that’s what i’ll be fighting for.

I’m waiting to hear back on what is going on but I have come home for some rest and to have food.
My food is ready so this update will have to do for now.
I thank everyone for all the well wishes and will keep everyone up to date on what is going on.

More Gemma health foo

Ok back from emergency.
They were no use at all; we saw gp and he checked all the vital signs no change no problems.
Her speech is still slurred and her motor functions are impaired.
All that effort to get her up and home for not much gain. She’s in bed now asleep; we take her to charley Gardeners if she gets worse overnight.

Otherwise down to the GP tomorrow and get a referral to a neurologist.
Gemma’s health is now the priority; so if i’m not at work on Wednesday that’ll be why; there’s nobody else that can help easily.

Thankfully money isn’t a huge problem; we can deal with that side of the equation easily enough.
No dog until all this is sorted.
I’m off to eat, and get some sleep if I can.
I’m feeling 8 out of 10 at the moment; the stress is getting to me; but i’ll cope.
Poor Gemma burst into tears at the hospital when they sent her home; can’t say I blaim her really.
It’s when you grow up and get sick in complicated ways the medical profession decides there’s nothing immediate to be done.

Another mental wibble

Gemma has had another wibble; something that looks like a mini-stroke.
Impaired motor functions, slurred speech; difficulty in focusing.
Any time we take her to emergency like this; they give her nurofin, and she recovers to a degree and they send her home.

we’re still trying to get her into a neurologist so we can get an mri scan done.
We don’t have private health cover yet because I can’t seem to get her awake long enough and organize a time to go through the policies. this may have to become a priority.

I don’t remember the public health system beeing this bad; and it’s only getting worse.
she’s asleep now; hopefully she will wake up feeling better.

Without going into a rant on how unfair the world is; these are the days I wish I could se; it’d make life a tad easier.
At least we both agree that she needs to go see someone about this. that’s half the battle won.

Update: 6:30pm she’s up and about again; weak but speaking normally again.
update: 7:00pm we’re off to emergency.


I have a journal! Really? yes it appears I do. although the amount of time I end up updating in it seems to get longer and longer each time. Life seems to get in the way of updating the old lj, and i never seem to get around to it.
This will have to do as far as it goes.
Gemma is on a new pill and it is certainly better than the old one; second month in and she’s doing well. Still funnies with the irritable bowel and the medical profession can see nothing or suggest nothing. Life goes on.
Work is better now that they only get 2.5 days a week of my time; rather than the hours I used to put in. If they want more hours they can pay for them. This means amungst other things; students can get their distance support via email or ask me to come on skype. Much easier that way.

Caught up with Cameron on Friday, he was over in Perth for a practical Uni thing he is doing as part of his studies. It was good to catch up with him and we went out for Red Rooster and had a big chat on all matters we could think of.
Friday I spent most of the days working on servers, which was a pleasant change from the usual student work.
need to do more work on the 1ru boxes for the new remote bundles; hell they are noisy as anything since they are so thin and exhaust air out the back with lots of low profile 6000rpm fans.
I intend to work on one in the store room and connect it up with ethernet over powerlines gear; should keep the noise level lower.

Weekend has been farily quiet; played laptops and decided to wait for new ubuntu before trying to get kismet working on the hp laptop.
I should really look into getting the Kismet drone working on the linksys routers; after all I have 3 of them not doing terrifically much at the moment.

Been talking to my brother getting ready to send him a Linksys pap-2 for his voice over ip stuff.
Phone line had been down weekend before last, took Telstra the usual 2 business days to fix it.

Installed windoweyes onto both my eeepcs and my laptop; only intend to run 1 copy at a time so it’s all good. Was having switch funnies with the gigabit switches last weekend; need to test them one by one. have gone back to all 100 megabit gear as the gigabit stuff was proving unreliable. We have one gigabit switch on the dining-room table that seems to work ok; it has 2 eeepcs plugged into it; one of which is the torrenting box.
It sits in the basket on the table and pulls aprox 28 Watts and saves to network shares that run on the file server all the time anyway. Much better than a laptop pulling 60-80 Watts all the time.

as to the rest of the gigabit switches; we have 3 in unknown states.
We had 2, I bought 2 more; think one of them is still in its box; will have to check.

I managed to get remote desktop working with windoweyes; turns out when I tried it the weekend before last the bad switches were dropping all the udp sound packets and this was causing havock with the connection.

A friend had a hard drive crash; bad sectors. Doesn’t matter how many times you tell people they really do need to backup; they don’t.
Then they act all surprised when you tell them you can’t get their data back.
Getting tired; need to sleep; post more in a week or 3.

general update and the like

Ok the past few weeks have been interesting; things have been going well. Gemma is on a new pill Vallett which seems to be doing good things for her.
She was up Tuesday through Sunday this week although she has fallen over for now for reasons i’ll elaborate on below.

Work has been the usual bedlum with 100 students; along with me chucking a spac at one of them on Friday.
He said the wrong thing at the wrong time after a whole lot of other stuff went wrong.
I hope i’ve solved his problems with logical operations, Not!

We had Gemma’s birthday dinner on Sunday, we all went to Nandos morley and Chris Legg came along also.
Then it was back to our place for Cake and a bit of time with Chris.
Bubbles rang and wished Gemma happy birthday; which was nice.
Chris left on the 6:13 47 and Gemma bought the clothes back in from the line.
She decided to call Jeff and was on the phone to him for an hour or so. She made the mistake of lying on one of our coutches which is a good way to screw your kneck and back for days.
she’s now taken a couple of neurofin and is asleep on our bed after I moved her from the spare room.
I did try to put her on our bed last night; but she was a bit tired to listen to a reasoning me.

It’s Gemma’s birthday today; and although I have wished her a happy birthday allready; I hope to wish her a happier birthday later today once she recovers from her headache.

My black EEEPC has turned up today; I intend to unpack it and charge it in a bit; probably after I eat some breakfast.
Gemma is not up to help so i’ll unimage the windows image I put on the cavi pcs for the moment; and reinstall it later.

i’m considering getting an ultra-light notebook and at the moment i’m considering the Toshiba Satelite U300. It looks to have all the features I want although i’m worried about the sound quality of the Intel azalia codec (don’t expect that to be spelt correctly).

i’ll test the thing with some headphones in at cybershop when I get the chance.

I might clear the sink of washing up today; it’s building to nasty proportions; might grab some other books from vision australia website; and read them on the stream.
oh well, write more later.

Brisbane trip so far in a nutshell

Well got into Brisbane Saturday morning after an uneventful flight. Slept for a bit and caught up with Sean before he went to new castel.
Nothing was open since it was good friday so we got Macas and I had a double quarter pounder for brunch.
Andrew had a knap and Sean and I caught up and watched some farscape or at least the first episode of it. We also had a chat about life and the like.
Andrew put Sean on the plane and I stayed here to listen to a copy of “The journel of fletcher christian” and some other name I can’t remember.
Battery in the stream went a bit funny; and wasn’t behaving at all well.
It claimed full charge when I removed the power adapter it said battery low. I put it on charge for a few hours and hoped that it would fix itself.

Friday night and I had my first go at yoga. I wasn’t that good at it but I did down dog, up dog, the fish pose and some other variations.
All my muscles were screaming out in protest since they never usually bent that way. I gave it my best shot and worked up a sweat.
We also did exercises on a big beach ball, which was an exercise in trust but was a lot of fun.
Dinner was dodgie chinese and I decided to get an early night.
Andrew did some shiantsu on me and I dropped off to sleep easily enough.
Saturday morning and I tried the yoga again. Much easier this time and better results. It seems the more I practice it the easier it will become.
This is the sort of exercise I like, whilst you do need to practice; you can see results after the first session.
We took a drive up to Montvil; to see a store called spirit winds. I wanted to buy a native flute but the shop was no longer there.
We did however have a nice beef burger, and stop in at Aunty Moreens Fudge factory.
Trip was about 1.5 hours each way so we listened to Music and talked about stuff; energy, spirit guides and the like.
I don’t have a spirit guide that I know of, and my perceptions of energy are in the rudimentary stages.
No idea if that is how they will stay or whether I can develop them. Look out world if I can smile.

Saturday night and we decided to forgo the yoga and had hungry jacks for dinner which was fine. Andrew mixed up some essential oils and we put some yummy vanilla oil in a burner with some pepermint.
Look out all; I might be getting into these oils; Now to get a soapstone burner and some mixing ingredients.

I tried masarge with the oils and it was extremely different but in a good way. I did some work on Andrew and he did some work on me.

Sleep was excellent and I rose this morning to again practice my yoga.
Andrew also showed me some Tantric sex positions (fully clothed of course) and i’ll look forward to trying them out on Gemma when I get back if and when she is willing.
We also messed around with a large beach ball;
and we got some positions for that too.
I have a beach ball however I might need to get a fit ball which will stay up better and be a lot nicer for that sort of stuff.
Now to convince Gemma that no; I won’t let you slip and yes this big round ball is our friend.
Breakfast was toasted jaffles and coffee; which was excellent.
My brain has been reasonably empty for the past few days; although I feel more with it this morning. My body must have required the extreme rest without the usual distractions of home. I really need to learn to phase these out.

Sean will be back tonight and the noise level will go up; this is unavoidable.
I am looking forward to doing a bit more yoga, and getting my positions sorted for when I get back to Perth.

The newways stuff I have used here rocks; and I’ll sign up as a wholesale user and get the shampoo and toothpaste at a minimum.

that’s all for the moment; time to go out and see some people.
I’m looking forward to getting home to show Gemma the new positions and some basic yoga if she’s interested.