Getting married

Grace and I are getting Married 15 November at our place.
If anyone wants to come along for the ceremony at 7pm drop me a line and we’ll make sure we can fit everyone in the living room.
Very happy about all of this but will write a longer more rambly post when I am not so tired.

unfollowing seems to be a crime these days

Today I decided to trim my twitter follower’s list, as I feel it is up to me who I follow and I should not have to follow ppeople if I choose not to.
Sadly people take this rather personally.
The result of my unfollow was a snappy msn message followed by a block, and an unfriend on LJ.
For the record, if I unfolow you it is because I don’t want to read what you are writing, same goes for lj.
It’s nothing personal, just an exercise of personal choice.
It’s sad that people take this friending on social networks so personally and hold such stock by it.
Will we get to a point where not listening to a band’s tracks makes you liable for a complaint from said band?
And with that i’m off to trim more of my followers as many don’t tweet, and a percentage I just don’t want to read anymore. Sorry if it upsets anyone; it’s not my problem you are upset, it is yours. Deal with that as you see fit.
I can only be held responsible for my own actions, not anyone elses reactions to those actions.