Brisbane trip so far in a nutshell

Well got into Brisbane Saturday morning after an uneventful flight. Slept for a bit and caught up with Sean before he went to new castel.
Nothing was open since it was good friday so we got Macas and I had a double quarter pounder for brunch.
Andrew had a knap and Sean and I caught up and watched some farscape or at least the first episode of it. We also had a chat about life and the like.
Andrew put Sean on the plane and I stayed here to listen to a copy of “The journel of fletcher christian” and some other name I can’t remember.
Battery in the stream went a bit funny; and wasn’t behaving at all well.
It claimed full charge when I removed the power adapter it said battery low. I put it on charge for a few hours and hoped that it would fix itself.

Friday night and I had my first go at yoga. I wasn’t that good at it but I did down dog, up dog, the fish pose and some other variations.
All my muscles were screaming out in protest since they never usually bent that way. I gave it my best shot and worked up a sweat.
We also did exercises on a big beach ball, which was an exercise in trust but was a lot of fun.
Dinner was dodgie chinese and I decided to get an early night.
Andrew did some shiantsu on me and I dropped off to sleep easily enough.
Saturday morning and I tried the yoga again. Much easier this time and better results. It seems the more I practice it the easier it will become.
This is the sort of exercise I like, whilst you do need to practice; you can see results after the first session.
We took a drive up to Montvil; to see a store called spirit winds. I wanted to buy a native flute but the shop was no longer there.
We did however have a nice beef burger, and stop in at Aunty Moreens Fudge factory.
Trip was about 1.5 hours each way so we listened to Music and talked about stuff; energy, spirit guides and the like.
I don’t have a spirit guide that I know of, and my perceptions of energy are in the rudimentary stages.
No idea if that is how they will stay or whether I can develop them. Look out world if I can smile.

Saturday night and we decided to forgo the yoga and had hungry jacks for dinner which was fine. Andrew mixed up some essential oils and we put some yummy vanilla oil in a burner with some pepermint.
Look out all; I might be getting into these oils; Now to get a soapstone burner and some mixing ingredients.

I tried masarge with the oils and it was extremely different but in a good way. I did some work on Andrew and he did some work on me.

Sleep was excellent and I rose this morning to again practice my yoga.
Andrew also showed me some Tantric sex positions (fully clothed of course) and i’ll look forward to trying them out on Gemma when I get back if and when she is willing.
We also messed around with a large beach ball;
and we got some positions for that too.
I have a beach ball however I might need to get a fit ball which will stay up better and be a lot nicer for that sort of stuff.
Now to convince Gemma that no; I won’t let you slip and yes this big round ball is our friend.
Breakfast was toasted jaffles and coffee; which was excellent.
My brain has been reasonably empty for the past few days; although I feel more with it this morning. My body must have required the extreme rest without the usual distractions of home. I really need to learn to phase these out.

Sean will be back tonight and the noise level will go up; this is unavoidable.
I am looking forward to doing a bit more yoga, and getting my positions sorted for when I get back to Perth.

The newways stuff I have used here rocks; and I’ll sign up as a wholesale user and get the shampoo and toothpaste at a minimum.

that’s all for the moment; time to go out and see some people.
I’m looking forward to getting home to show Gemma the new positions and some basic yoga if she’s interested.

computer I wish to be rid of

I have the following computer I wish to be rid of. Any serious offers considered.

Optima system, P4 3.2ghz. Hyperthreading cpu.
1gb ram.
2x80gb Sata Seagate hard drives;
1x liteon burner 1693 sohw.
Extra PCI serial port.
Onboard GM915 graphics; Intel high definition audio card.
XP home and all bundled software. Includes keyboard; no monitor.
8x USb ports.
infinion tcm module.

Reason for getting rid of system?
It’s a desktop case; and CPU fan is temperature and speed controlled. when cpu works hard fan gets loud.
When running the boinc client it makes a racket. not interested in having this machine in the living space unless I relogate it to the server room.

general update

Well time to put a public update in here. Nothing exciting at work this week, although we did go to an awards dinner and we won an award.
Waitta awards list
i’m off to Brisbane from good Friday till Tuesday next week over easter.
I have plenty of phone credit which will be useful although all the phone companies have become scum.
they use your my credit first then your my bonus. this means if you call people or surf the net your my credit dies first and you only get $30 worth of that per month.
If you end up beeing a tight arse and not using your phone you get to the stage where you recharge over $900 worth of my bonus and they won’t let you recharge anymore.
I’d get rid of my mobile altogether if it wasn’t so useful.

Not that I don’t have a Jasjar sitting on the table gathering dust; it’s a bit big and bulky to carry around and won’t run loadstone. I’d sell it off however the license of mobilespeak pocket on it is worth more than the device itself.
gad, I really have nothing to write about tonight; sleep time me thinks.

not asleep

Well this is just great. I send Gemma to bed at 12 and now it is 3:15 and I am only now feeling sleepy. I hope I have enough energy tomorrow or this day is going to be a long one.
I managed to write up the hex exercise for the cccna1 students; and it went to the list tonight. We also caught up with Gemma’s parents today and cooked them steak and chips with Pasta salad.
Afternoon after that was spent knapping and playing with the flat xp laptop see previous post. Gemma seems to have had more energy the last few days; hoping this will continue but not holding my breath.
Looking forward to catching up with Tiki sometime in late march or April; will be pleasant.
I’m avoiding the right shift key in this post as I am typing on the eeepc.
discovered that my profile on rsvp had the wrong date of birth on it,so seeing if that can be fixed. Also the only relationship status available that basically fits me is married and looking for friends only.
It’s interesting to notethat many of the american sites have options for open relationships; however rsvp doesn’t. sigh.

anyway this entry is starting to not make sense so i’m off to bed.

A strange laptop

We have just tried fixing up a laptop with some strange problems. the screen is totally funky and the colours keep on changing. we think this is video ram as it happens on an external monitor also.
also the sound does interesting things every 3 out of 4 reboots.
flat xp laptop
It kind of works with jaws however we’re treating it with suspicion until it proves to be stable.


I don’t post in here this often anymore; probably because I just don’t make time to write as I used to. I’m sitting here having my morning coffee and deciding what I will do with my day.
I managed to get the slug over on the sideboard; just need to hook the 30gig drive up to it; plug in the powerpack and get openslug working on it.
Gemma seems to have good days and bad days; tuesday was ok; Wednesday was full onm, thursday was kind of ok and friday was about 3 out of 10.

I’m considering purchasing system access from Serotek; just not sure when I want to spend the $700 or whether or not I should save up for Jaws which is $1000 more.
I’m considering making a Jaycar order for some tools and things; but i’m also trying to save some more money this year which means i’m trying to balance spending between beeing a tightarse and having no dosh at all.

Cisco has been hectic as usual; with CCNA3 put on hold for the moment and ITE1 and CCNA1 certainly taking up a lot of our time.
Bandwidth has been a problem or more specifically use of it; as we have had ping round trip times of 20 seconds which makes things slow indeed. We did not have this problem on Friday but we did on Wednesday. This results in huge delays on Ventrilo which certainly is not cool.
I now have the old ultrasparc running Linux in there; handling proxying and the like. It appears to work well and is also handling our mrtg setup to show us long term bandwidth usage.

Still battling to get the rt2500 wireless cards working on the old hp laptop; not sure if I am going to continue to try to get this to work or give up on it.

we’ve got a few eeepcs for the students; on which we intend to install xp and some basic aps; probably the monster that is Microsoft office and some other stuff like Teraterm, nvda and so on.

as far as funky stuff not a lot going on; we did put the 2 old matresses out for bulk collection along with the old hot water system. As usual I can’t think of anything to write in this journal that is going to be enlightening or visionary and i’m not desperate enough to resort to writer’s block yet.


Well Gemma was up today and we had a productive time of it. One lot of star track freight turned up; some replacement memory sticks which I actually didn’t need.
I’ve got 2 1gb sticks here I bought by mistake. I need to test the memory and see if it is good; might put it in gotss1 not sure yet.
Ram is pc5300 or 667mhz stuff.
We got 2 of the 3 eeepcs reinstalled today; we have dumped nlite’s ability to strip out components as it seems to break stuff. It seems a little agressive on the degatsing however some people like this ability.

we find removing a component means serial ports don’t work or something else strange like that.

Gemma got all the washing done today; or at least 2 loads of it. Dinner was chicken and potatoes, rather yummy if I do say so myself.
we’ve been playing with system access to go, it is a screen reader that will run on any pc with Windows xp and later and an internet connection. You can try it out for free

You do need to register and provide an email address and certain contact info; and it only works whilst the web browser with the screen reader in it is open. next to see if you can drop that ie window into the system tray with powermenu.

Oh I forgot to mention the bulk condoms turned up and so did the sylk lubricant. Money well spent if you ask me.

I’ve been playing the new set of diatonic harmonicas I got off ebay; i’m not that fussed on them; not used to how the notes are laid out.
The blow notes on the c harmonica are c e g c e g c c e
as you would expect.
draw notes are g d f b d f g a b d

This means you are missing the a and b below the bottom c. this makes a lot of stuff that uses the leading note based around the bottom c difficult to play.
The chromatic harmonica I have has the following pattern:
blow: c e g c c e g c e g
on the draw notes you have
d f a b d f a b d f

This means that not only can you manage a d minor chord on the bottom 3 holes; but you have all the notes in your scale if you play stuff that doesn’t drop below the bottom c; not unlike a descant recorder.
I’m not good at this blues harmonica style; i’m more into the melodic stuff. Alanas style playing will take some practice. I need to find out whether the more expensive diatonic harmonicas have this read layout before I go buy some.
Anyway that’s all for now; write more another day.

updating again

Now for the public entry. I’m now 32, another year older. My birthday was a nice day; complete with yummy dinner and sex.
It didn’t help that I had my first day with the CAVI students and what bedlum it was. We have piles of students from india, some from egypt, america, Australia and other places in the world.
We have 8 local students that keep us busy.
Many of the students don’t speak good english and we keep repeating the same things over and over to the students either because they don’t listen or don’t read the mailing lists.
My weekend has been reasonably quiet; with Gemma beeing asleep for most of it.
I did try to configure the rt2500 driver and the ieee80211 stack modules for Linux on the hp laptop I have, the modules compiled but I could not get the ieee80211 stack to build.
This means the rt2500 network cards I have still don’t work with the hp. I’m considering a full kernel build or getting newer drivers from the source rather than building ubuntu’s versions.
Thursday saw the first lecture for CCNA3 and as usual the Curtin network would not allow Ventrilo trafic out from the lab. Bedlum insued and we pre-recorded the lecture.
Friday and lecture 1 of ccna1.
We got through half a lecture but made some students happier.
Saturday morning and the 100 megabit switch on the sideboard crashed; latched up and would not transfer packets.
Gemma went out with her sister to get some formal gear for this dinner we go to on March 14, and her sister dropped her in the city to see the boy.
Gemma got a cab home after feeling drained and slept the afternoon away.
Saturday was constant mailing list trafic and answering student questions.
We did have nice steak for dinner Saturday night and I fell into bed rather tired.
Sunday and it’s been a mix of listening to judge dred, fiddling with the laptop, summarizing notes for ccna3 and eating.
I slept in late this morning; (11 which is late for me) but I obviously needed the sleep.
Our upstairs neighbour did come down to say her internet wasn’t working on Friday, and I did print out a guide and push it under her door. It wasn’t stapled in the right corner but beggers can’t be choosers I guess.
Anyway this is all I can think to prattle on about for the moment; 2 days of freedom before I return to work.

a day of little disappointments

Well the day hasn’t all been bad however a couple of things set my mood down a few notches. We gave Gemma a crumpet for breakfast and chicken nuggets for lunch and she was asleep for the afternoon with a funny tummy. I did suggest the food so I take responsibility; here’s hoping they find something fixable in the endoscopy.
I found the home page for a86 Macro assembler and d86 debugger; and buying the lot only costs US $130. Problem is I don’t think i’ll ever use the software and buying it although nice to the author will do nothing for me. a86 was the assembler that I cut my teeth on learning x86 assembly language back in the early 90s.
The software then was $50 US and I said i’d register it when I had the money and I never did.
I’m throwing old stuff out; stuff that I don’t use anymore. A gravis ultrasound plug and play pro went in the bin today. It’s an ISA card, old technology and not too useful. We found the docket; I payed $480 for it in July 1996. 11 and a half years on and the card just isn’t going to get used.
I also have a graphic equalizer for a stereo system; that needs to be tested and will probably go in the bin since I have no use for it or out for bulk refuse.
i’m still deciding on whether to throw the cb radios I have out or try sell them on ebay or something.
I have 2 27mhz sets; a uniden washington, and a GE electric.
I’d love to set them up but don’t know where i’d mount the antennas in this unit block.
I also have a 12v 4a supply; works perfectly but nothing to hook it too. it’ll have to go either in the people take this stuff pile when we next move or out for sale or on ebay.
The air conditioner got picked up today; the portable unit that we don’t use and have no room to set up here.
I got half the money for it; and we’re happy to see it go.
It appears that big finish productions did not have their license to produce the tomorrow people dramas renewed. This means they don’t sell them anymore although they are still out there.
Good news is however that they are selling downloadable versions of the dramas, which I am happy to buy. $20 a play is quite reasonable and i’m happy to pay for things rather than torrent them if the price is right.
Looking for a way to decompress lossless .m4a files; they apparently use the alac (apple lossless something codec) not sure if there is a utility to put them back into .wav files so I can flac them.

Courses start this week for Cisco, should be bedlum. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet whilst I have it.
It’s my Birthday on Wednesday, I turn 32.
I don’t feel old so this is a good thing.
Looking at taking some of the spare computers I have into the association and Curtin so I don’t have to lug the Asus laptop around.
I guess this defeats the purpose of having a laptop although I get sick of carrying 3.2kg around or at least I think that is the weight of the f3jc.
3kg plus lunch and various external hard drives and the like and you have 4.5 kg in your backpack.
I get sick of carrying it all around and having half the it gear for the CAVI software. If I put a computer in at work I don’t have to lug one in.
I don’t enjoy carrying a laptop over the stairs at bassendean station or all the way across to 207. the eeepc is far lighter.
Anyway it’s bed time might write more when I am in the mood. I am looking forward to my set of blues harmonicas turning up on monday; They are a cheap set for $65 so i’m not expecting much. getting ready to save up for the big gear. Should also look into sallary packaging stuf see if it is worth doing;
might be able to get a new phone or laptop or something. i’m waiting for the everex cloudbook to hit Australia or for laptops with far better battery life and lower power use. I do love my asus but it does chew 60-80 watts.
Anyway sleep time.

quick update

Just a quick point form update so people in journal land don’t think i’ve dropped off the map.

Back to work last week on Wednesday. Was even happier when I got a part pay on Thursday which went straight on the credit card which is a bit sad.
I think I want to save more money this year; but don’t know what i’d do with it once I had it saved.

had a switch go flakey last saturday; switched it with the one in the computer room and it was still flakey. thought both switches had died; rang netgear; logged a fault. Finally tracked it down to a powerpack not plugged correctly into a power board. that’ll teach me not to check the obvious things. I’d gone and ordered 2 more replacement switches in on spec; so now we have 4 8-port gigabit switches.
I didn’t want to order them right now but they’re hear and working so no point complaining about it. Paid switches off with this week’s pay; now just have to pay off the rest of the stuff.
I also ordered some Linksys nslu2s which are an xcale box running Linux. I’m still agonizing on what firmware to put on the things and how to get the usb storage working on them.
The 250gig drive I was going to put on the thing is full of stuff I haven’t backed up yet; so I need to empty the drive before I can slice it up for use with the nslu2s from now on called slugs.
I’m agonizing as to which firmware to put on them; I got 3. I might put different firmware on all of them. Debian looks a bit bloated and not suited to the small footprint of the nslu2; and you need an external device to boot the firmware see below.
openwrt looks nice and small; and the latest kamakazi runs on these boxes nicely. Plenty of room in flash once you put openwrt on.
other firmware that looks promising is openslug; and angstrom; i’ve never been a big fan of Gentoo cross compiling;
and the unslung firmware has an old 2.4.21 kernel which has crummy usb support which defeats the purpose of the device.
the slug has an ethernet port, a power in jack, and 2 usb ports. It has 32 meg of ram, (expandable if you can solder which I can’t) and 8 meg of flash. It runs a Linux kernel compiled for xcale425, and the red boot loader.
I have a couple of drives for the thing; however the 2.5 inch drives want 2 usb ports one for power; one for signaling.
Only one of my cables has a male-female attachment to allow me to put the 2 devices onto the slug.
now to rat around and see if I have any suitable plugpacks for the other drives.
Gemma has not been well lately; gut funnys again. Not sure if it was the fish and chips she had on Friday; (lots of glutin) or just that she had 2 big days out.
We had a bit of a fight about her needing to eat; and perhaps yogut wasn’t the best thing on an empty stomach; although I hardly know what to feed her these days. Here’s hoping the endoscopy comes up with something useful that is treatable.
I’ve got into facebook a little more; although most of it is a complete waste of time. I’ve updated my profile and added instant messaging stuff for my friends.
Gemma and I celebrated 4 years of Marriage on the 18th of January; which was extremely pleasant.
I’ve upgraded the eeepc to 2gig of ram, and it runs nice and fast under Windows XP a specially nlited version Gemma and I trimmed down for it.
I do have Linux installed on an external hard disk; I might get around to patching in speakup one of these days; although having the thing run Linux just doesn’t seem that cool once you mess around with git and patching speakup into the source tree.

we might get another eeepc for torrenting and the like; they draw aprox 28 watts when charging battery and 14 watts when running.
this is a hell of a lot less than the 70-80 watts that Gemma’s or my laptop draws when torrenting.
The aim is also to get the slugs able to torrent; which will work fine if things don’t need mutorrent specific features and I need to see if libtorrent or transmition the cli version supports dht.

Looking forward to getting back to the association next week even if it is for 1 day; then we are back regularly the week after that. The network there is more open; allows me to openvpn in to home and check my home email whilst I am at work which is useful because people send things there.
I’ve never been a big fan of webmail; but might have to set it up here.

Can’t think of anything more in depth to write so this will have to do for now.
Did wonder the other day why livejournal won’t let you view a journal from oldest to latest. It’d be handy if they did when you were rereading older entries.

update really soon

Mmm I am now the proud owner of a new Asus EEEPc and so is Gemma.
I’ve got Windows loaded onto the thing; (along with Linux on an external drive) and intend to get both functional.
At the moment however; i’m finding that the output from the soundcard is causing me to feel uptight and stressed.
I wonder if there is some high frequency junk or other funniness in the signal?
This happens with my senheiser headphones on; it’s not as bad with the cheap logitecs but happens none the less. Back on the laptop now to run some more controlled experiments later.
I thought I was going mad originally but that would explain me not wanting to use my EEEPc as much.

update thingy

Ok so i’ve been on holidays now for a couple of weeks; and been enjoying it immensely.
Christmas was good; dinner at one place, lunch at another and we got dropped home at the end of the day.
the mouse-type USB gps’s turned up and for the most part work well. Getting time stamps out of them with ntp is a bit of a battle; and the information is not particularly reliable.
I’m building 2 computers; one as a new Windows box for a friend and another as a replacement mail server. This did give me the opportunity to replace ram in a whole pile of boxes; upgrade the 2 ibms to 1 and 2 gig respectively and sort through drives and the like.
Mum and dad have finally separated for good we hope; mum is sounding a lot better as a result.

Been helping debug rockvox which is a utility for voicing the ipod, when it runs rockbox. Much nicer than voicebox which is their default utility.
It’s a bit warm indoors now so i’m sitting out here in the courtyard with the laptop on the wireless network. Had to turn the screen off so that the bugs don’t build up on the screen.
gives me longer battery life also.

I managed to register with the new i-access service from vision Australia which allows me to read newspapers and certain books on my daisy capable devices.
I have noticed that “new idea” is a crock of shit and is basically a whole stack of man bashing.
It’s getting deleted from my subscriptian group.

I skim the Australian which isn’t too bad and I read an article hear and there.
It was interesting to read Silicon Chip, however they do not explain the pictures but they do read the captions.

You can get books in daisy format but they are a large download and nothing has caught my eye yet. I’ll have to see what gets posted up in future and see if there is anything I want to read.

I found a program for indexing the files on a bookport or book courier that runs under OSX and Linux.

Nothing else I really want to write; i’ll post more when I think of it.

list of under-utilized computers

Below is a list of under-utilized computers for my own reference.
This entry is new and updated.

This is to decide what to throw away, sell, shuffle about, give away or whatever.
Edit: I forgot a laptop
we have too many computers. any reasonable offers accepted.
We’re not getting rid of the Pentium 4 2.8ghz though.

  • aser, Pentium 166, 64mb ram in sims, 2.1gb hdd, 10/100 network card. Machine stripped and in the bin.
  • gotss10, Desktop, Celeron 300 192mb ram, 2.5gb hard drive 2 soundcars, dvd-rom given to upstairs neighbour for wireless internet; she also purchased new keyboard mouse and wireless card.
  • slowbo, desktop, Pentium 3 450mhz, 128-meg ram, 6.4gb hdd, cmi8338 soundcard, onboard and external network card.
    Upgraded to 384-meg of ram; this will be a nice little test box.

  • Chrissy, Duron 1200, 512 megs ram, 120gb hard disk, medium noise level with affective fan. Board in this was dead; stripped it for parts, re-used memory in other boxes. hard drive out of warranty but working sitting on the shelf.
  • kyle, Pentium ???, hp server, 8gb scsi disk, heavy steel frame.
  • old wombat, desktop, Celeron 333, 512mb ram, 8.4gb scsi drive, 2 network cards.
  • old tiger, Desktop, Celeron 333, 512mb ram, 4.3gb scsi disk noisy bearings, 8-port stallion card. Tried to get this running modern Linux but stallion is no longer in kernel; project abandoned.
  • Tiki, desktop, Celeron 366, 768 meg ram, 4.3gb disk,2 soundcards, network card, dvd-rom.
  • stripey, minitower, Celeron 466, 192 meg ram,
  • zoe, midi tower, Pentium III 450mhz, 640megs ram, 80mb hard drive; 2 soundcards and cdrom.
  • Lindy, midi tower, Duron 1200mhz, 512 megs ram, 80gb hard disk, sblive card.
  • coffeeless, midtower, Duron 1200, 512megs ram, 80gb hard disk, broken onboard soundcard, extra soundcard.
  • naughty, desktop, Pentium 4 2.8ghz, 1gb ram, 2x80gb hard disks, dvd burner, Intel gigabit card. Fan noisy when cpu becomes busy might install extra fan.

  • leah, laptop, Toshiba Satelite 470CDT, Pentium 200mmx, 32 megs ram, 2.1gb hdd, fully working 2487pa battery.
    Gone I gave it to a friend for charity purposes.

  • Pancake, Laptop, Nec Versa lx, Pentium 2 400 mhz, 384 megs of ram, 30gb hard disk, flakey battery affects power supply; new battery may correct.
    Gone, gave it to a friend stripping out 256-megs of the ram.

  • Twinhead, laptop, Pentium mmx 233 mhz, 64 megs ram, 4.1gb hard disk, pci sound onboard, flakey speakers and screen, dead battery
  • kyle’s hp laptop, Pentium III 733mhz, 128meg ram, 10gb hard disk, dead battery.
    Ok so the battery on this was just really flat and works well; put 256-meg ram from the laptop above into it; now it rocks along. couldn’t figure out how to get the hard disk out of an hp omnibook xe3.

  • Sun ultrasparc 333mhz, 256mb ram, 80gb hard disk, 3 network cards, onboard sound.
    downgrading drive and this machine goes back to its owner minus 2 of the network cards.

  • Sparc station 4, 90mhz, noisy 80-pin scsi drive
  • 5x sparcstation 4/75 machines, 64meg ram, 2gb scsi, 10 megabit lan, no monitors but usable with serial console.
    These all went in the bin.