Gemma health foo update later

Gemma has woken up this morning feeling a little flat, and has ended up with a migraine.
Woke her at 9, she started moving 9:45, by 10 she had slurred speech and everything was difficult.
She has taken Sumatriptan and I have made her up aspirin.
It does not look as if she will make it to Chris and Maree’s at this stage, I have told her to go to bed until she feels better. If she feels better she can get picked up later.

Gemma thinks it was because she stayed up late last night till 12.
This may have contributed to the migraine however i’m not convinced it is the only factor and sometimes they just hit for no reason.
We’ll review how well the pizotifen is working when we see neuro in Feb. It kind of works; except when it doesn’t. She’s on 4 and it’ll take a day or 3 for her to see how it affects her long term.
We’ll miss her today but hopefully she wil be able to come up later.
She should be ok by tomorrow for Chris’s party.

brief update

Gemma got home Friday afternoon, and we got a chance to catch up with each other.
We talked and talked and talked all afternoon and had dinner.
Saturday was a quiet day, took us a bit to get moving. Gemma had a minor case of the guts of death.
After that was sorted we managed to organize a lift to Michael and Linda’s party, and I finally got to upgrade gotss1 to ubuntu 8.10 once I managed to break and fix grub.

Linda’s party was lots of fun, and we met a whole pile of new and interesting people. I got to see a WII for the first time; and saw the instruments for rockstar.
I sang “The one I love” by R.E.M. and scored 87% for the singing part.
We met this interesting bloke called Darol and I ended up giving him an mp3 player containing “the secret”.
It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
The mp3 player was a cheap one so no big deal there.
We stayed until 1AM.
Cameron was over today and we had a great time; and he left about 45 minutes ago.
We went out to lunch; and also went to Harvey Norman in Midland after discovering that the Mawley store was closed.
Gemma picked up a Nican Coolpix S60 digital camera with a touch screen interface; and a nice big 3.5 inch screen.
The half an inch around the edges is taken up with icons and touch buttons generally speaking however the camera is low on buttons so this means Gemma can just tap icons.
We’re giving the old camera to my mother who can probably make use of it. This means she gets a Techra and a laptop.
We got to talk to Cameron most of the afternoon and evening, and he helped prepare food and ate some dinner with us.
Kitty called; and Cameron left to give her a lift home.
We look forward to catching up with her at some point.

I also managed to get speakup working on the eeepc however need to re-install to convert file system to ext2 to save the ssd drive in the unit.

Work for the year is all done

Ok Work for the year is all done and i’m happy to have it out of the way.
After dealing with 70 Indian students for the year the follwoing you-tube is somewhat funny:

Labs were coming in up until this afternoon, module exams still getting done and the course finishes tomorrow morning. Nothing like students leaving stuff till the last minute.

Gemma is off in Joondalup with Chris and Louise; I would have liked to go but got stuck home marking these bloody labs.
It was either that or go out and come home late, forget to mark the labs and fail half the students.
I’m looking forward to catching up with Gemma now that work is all done.
Waiting for the ezyshop delivery, which should turn up soon.
Just ordered a Laser barcode scanner; interested to see how it performs, might get another more reputable brand device for $171 if this one does not behave itself.

we are hoping to rig up a system to recognize barcodes of stuff we buy once we train the database.

Student graduations went well today; Gemma made it just in time but left her phone at home. Funnily Colin came over to tell me that Gemma had arrived and was sitting with them; 30 seconds later, Ishani told me Gemma had arrived.
Looks like I won’t need that “never lost” alarm for my wife afterall.

Gemma has had a good day today and will most likely have fun at Chris’s. She should be home later tonight. Here is hoping she has turned a corner ™ and will soon feel better.
The number of corners she’s had to turn in the last few years she must have been round the block a dozen times or so.
Here’s to a better 2009.
Wish I could go to sleep but waiting on groceries damn it; if they’re not here by 5 i’m off to sleep.
We missed the freight today, will reorder it Monday.
That’s about all for now.

That laptop from a couple posts back

Just letting my lj friends know that I’ll take $500 or nearest offer that is reasonable for that laptop I advertized a few posts back.
Or nearest offer means offer me something reasonable and i’ll get rid of the machine.
It comes with a bag charger and the machine; wireless b and g, modem and dvd-ram drive. Pentium M 1.8ghz; 2 usb. I’ll throw in a bluetooth dongle also so it has all the connectivity you could want.
There’s no point holding off till I give this one away; it isn’t likely to happen in the short term.

Getting rid of a laptop

Ok it’s time to get rid of a laptop.
It’s a Versa 940lx,
Centrino 1.7 ghz,
13″ screen,
60gb hard drive,
1gb ram,
3 hours battery life or so;
2 USB 2.0 ports,
1 pc-card slot;
DVD-ram rw drive, Matsushita 850s.
Windows XP Pro (genuin) installed on the drive.
Soundcard is a conexant integrated sound solution with the 56k modem.
Intel B/G wireless
10/100 ethernet also on the machine.

I’m asking $700 or nearest offer.
Fan is a little noisy, usually pitching itself around the A above middle C, 880 cycles per second, going up to the B when the chip gets hot.
Running speedswitch XP does keep the fan down a bit.

I’m getting rid of the machine whilst it’s still worth something, rather than the 3 or 4 machines that are going in the bin (not laptops and no monitors)

Comments screened to keep negotiations fare.

general update

I hardly get to updating this thing much these days but here is a small post to try keep people in the loop as to what we have been up to.

Work is the usual problem of getting lazy students to research and getting them to work on their labs without procrastinating.
Generally week has been good, although some fun has been had in the not so fun sense of things.
Monday night Gemma had a Migraine and we managed to knock it with Neuroleze.
Tuesday we had an incident a bit long and complicated to go into here which ended up in a huge fight, a massive missunderstanding and both of us sleeping for half the day on Tuesday.
Gemma had another Migraine Wednesday and got stuck in bed. She took the Neuroleze but it was a bit late for it to take affect.
Thursday and we managed to drag Gemma down to the gp after finding out Wednesday that neurologist had first available appointment in February sometime.

We now have Sumatriptan to try knock the migraines at the onset of symptoms, and periactin to take as a preventer.
Knocked her out with the Periactin Thursday afternoon although she got up Thursday night and we had dinner together.
Friday and another Migraine kept her in bed most of the day; extreme tiredness and inability to do much until later in the day.
Friday night and we started to see improvements although Gemma was a little slow on Saturday although not too bad.
We’re hoping the preventative drugs work for her and make this all a bit more managable.

Saturday night and we got stuck sorting mailers and disks, missed the usual time slot for dinner and Gemma got hungry, anxious and ranty.
Finally managed to convince her we could cook a pizza and eat, she cheered up after having some food.
Sadly both our sleeping patterns were out of wack, and with the change to daylight savings our body clocks have been thrown out. I got to bed at 1 and Gemma got to bed a bit later.
We got up at 12ish; and had brunch.
Now Perth is in daylight savings we are gmt+9 until sometime in march.
This has the net affect of not only keeping the light available longer in the afternoons but also makes it stinking hot often till 9 at night.
Given the climate here this is not cool; in fact it is hot.

Almost got the remote bundle working at the assoc a hell of a lot of wiring which wasn’t that much fun.
Turfing old 300 and 400mhz computers out as I allready have the fit-pcs that use 5 watts of power as gateways and the old stuff is just inefficient to run.
Probably another 3 or 4 computers go in the bin in the next week or so.

Fixed the toaster temporarily perhaps by shaking it and cleaning the crum tray. Seems to work again might be a loose connection.
might get a new one if this one fails permanently.

Went to the psychic fair last weekend and had a yummy lunch. Dining out was expensive $50 or so so the value was good but not necessarily the amount of money I want to spend every time I go out.

Looking into having a vasectomy but need to find time to get into the doctor to sort it all out.
usually he does them on a Friday which is the time I am at work.

Had no time to look on okcupid for new people to meet, I never seem to put enough time aside for these kinds of sites.
Other than that been messing with my usual computers and things. Managed to get rid of a Celeron 300 into the association for the remote bundle.

Still yet to play with the shaping box I built and learn a little more about Linux trafic control.
Looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 8.1 might stick it onto the msi wind along with Windows.

HP mininote has died again this time with a bluescreen informing me that the hive hkey_local_machine\system\software
could not be loaded from any of the backups. Go figure.
might have to re-cat windows back onto it and see what happens.
That’s enough for now.

The mini-note that currently isn’t

Ok so a few weeks back I decided to get myself an hp mininote for $700 off catchoftheday. Both Gemma and I have got our mininotes and mine doesn’t seem to want to behave.
Geraldine’s doesn’t either.
Basically the story goes like this:

Pull the thing out of the box, set it up; boot Vista and install service pack 1, then the pile of Vista updates.
Cringe because Vista is so slow on a Via 1600 processor. This thing has 1gb ram and an 80gb hdd.

Upgrade the ram to 2gb, vista moves like a snail on uppers, not particularly fast.
Ok no problem so I decide to downgrade the thing to Windows XP, and I grab all the drivers and whatnot off hp’s site.

We install XP, load on all the drivers including the new video driver, new via chipset drivers and the xp sound drivers and everything is peachy for a few boots. Defrag, install Windows updates and the like.
Connect the USB external drive and try to boot from it without sighted help, the boot fails and then I boot back into Windows xp. Xp bluescreens in places like ntfs.sys and the sound is broken.

The xp install is cactus.
I thought i’d image the thing upafter I had all the hardware drivers on it to allow a quick restore, however this seems not to be.

This will be re-install number 7. We don’t know what kills the thing, exactly what part of xp goes west or what.
Might try another re-install; image it up before any drivers go on just so I can put it back myself without annoying Gemma _again_ and try the older via drivers.

Gemma has been sick with a cold so we haven’t tested hers, i’m wondering if it is the power drain of the usb drive plugged in that is killing it or some other strange interaction.

Not sure if we plug the usb drive into Gemma’s to see if that kills it; or image Gemma’s up and put the result onto mine.

At this stage, i’ve spent $850 on something that doesn’t work at all well under xp.
Operating system is as follows:
xpsp3, no extra updates applied.
via chipset, s3 unichrome graphics driver, broadcom wireless and lan driver, smartcard usb reader and soundmax ad1984a drivers all loaded on.
bluetooth drivers and sometimes the hp integrated hard disk protection sensor drivers loaded and the quicklaunch buttons.
Also the touchpad.
Screenreader: nvda 0.6p2. No point dropping Jaws or Wineyes on until this stabilizes.

If this thing does not improve it might get turned into a Linux box; Vista is seriously unusable.

Gemma and I are sick of punching the windows install through; i’m going to have to image up the install as soon as it is loaded on or i’ll pull my hair out at this rate.

Oh don’t think of just doing a quick ntfs format and reinstall on the 30 gig xp partition, that’ll just get you a bluescreen copying files.

At this point i’m seriously considering getting an MSI Wind
or an Acer Aspire One.

I’m right shitty that $800 went into a netbook that is a lemon, let’s hope we don’t have 2 lemons and Gemma’s continues to work.

Even better we might get mine to be stable; here’s hoping.

When the thing runs it’s a dream, nice and snappy, surfs the net well and behaves nicely.

Might call hp tech support after scouring the net to see if they have any ideas.
I’m going to have to be really nice to Gemma to get this reload done, and image it as soon as setup has completed.
argh!!!!!! grrrrr!!!!!!! nurfle!!!!!!!!! blargle!!!!!!!!! Roar!!!!!

friends lists

It’s funny how upsetting people can result in them removing you from their friends page.
Even when the post was unlocked and open to the world to comment on.

Lucky for me, I don’t measure my friends by who appears on my lj friends lists.
Also; unfriending me is usually not the end of the road. It just gives me a few less personal entries to read on my friends page.

Gemma health update

Gemma is in Royal Perth overnight under observation. They are not sure what is wrong with her but we saw neurologists. Wish us luck.

The health system is screwed

Gemma doesn’t get any better. Neurology appointment is on the 2nd September but she can’t easily shower herself safely and has only a few good hours per day on a good day.
Silver Chain has no shower assistance available and after talking to the Neuro and her parents to fill them in i’ve had enough of phones for the moment.
I badly need sleep. If she’s no good later we’ll take her up to emergency later tonight and see if anything can e done.
I can’t supervise her when I am at work, and although I can take some time off if that doesn’t yield results i’ll have to consider resigning.
Maybe I can get some friends to watch her Wednesday and Friday (optional half day thursday) for the 2 weeks until the neuro appointment.

I can’t believe it is this difficult to get help for someone. Sure the health system is screwed but money isn’t the issue as such.
We had considered checking her into somewhere under psychiatric grounds, we don’t know if it is psychiatric or neurological.
If anyone knows how to do this (who to call etc) reply in the comments they are screened.