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Not a lot to write today. The day was fairly productive. I re-calibrated the drives in the windows box for Exact Audio copy and found you can’t burn a cd with eac on a pioneer. damn damn damn. The dvd-rom comes out and I put a cdrom in. Means I read dvds in the burner but burners are cheap so no harm done. Was waiting for post to arrive that didn’t so we’re still waiting for it. I don’t like staying home waiting for freight but that seems to be a part of my life at the moment. Gemma and I got a new Philips Stereo today which sounds a lot better than the last one which we will be giving to Tibiania who won’t notice the lack of top end one would hope. If she does it can go in the bin. Called my brother to wish him happy birthday as it is his birthday. Spoke to Will and a new guy called Mark about upses and battery backup for the computers. Combined with a surge protector and an ups these computers will be a lot safer from power spikes. The power over here is filthy. Spent a happy day with Gemma today after an initial upset about me taking the piss (which I was) so I backed off a bit. We tried some permutations on the laptop saga but magic still crashes. Looks like we email support I guess. Have to get up earlier tomorrow morning as our water is out from 10 till 2 but that is ok. Must remember to invoice LIS for the work I have done this month. also have some servers to situate on my shelving and a switch to cable in. fun fun fun. If all goes well I can bring all my computers up at once if ever that is necessary. Perhaps only for network stress testing. Got Pam’s computer backed up onto 3 cds and am getting ready to reinstall it tomorrow. Nothing should be too exciting I hope but if problems arise we’ll solve them I am sure. Watched an episode of voyager today which I had seen before so I could tell Gemma what was happening. Caught up with aaron and Andrew Hart on skype which was also cool. Still agonizing whether to buy talx or mobilespeak. mmmmm can’t decide. Hoping to get more done tomorrow to reduce the job queue. No rest for the wicked I guess. Write more tomorrow. Still no sign of my LJ code hope it turns up.

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