ah the first holiday post

I’ll be backdating these but they will probably show up on my friends page
in this order anyway. This takes up after the 11th January and fills in time
to the present.
12 January.
Ok we finally got to Sydney and organized after running around madly to get
ready for holidays. Jan 11 and we suddenly realized how much stuff we had to
do before we left. Cases to pack, upses to hook up and a meriod of
and turned up to drop Leah’s
stuff off because she would be house sitting our place. Toiletaries? piles
and piles of them. I never understand how girls manage to carry 3 tons of
stuff just to “look beautiful” and there are more bottles than the average
bottleshop. I have scientifically proven that girls do not die without these
toiletaries since gemma seems to live fine with a small bag full and with
one side of the vanity from day to day use.
After Leah and Cameron left we just kept packing and organizing and packing
and organizing until 5 in the morning. I was tired as hell. Ordered a couple
of new bits of software for my phone, power dictaphone, stacker and key
locker. bought stacker and dictaphone for so she has them
too. Forgot to get her keylocker need to order that.
crashed with 95% of the packing done and unable to function. I can’t
remember how many coffees I drank so that’s a bad sign. Set an alarm for
9:00am so we could be at the airport at 11:00.
Woke up and finished packing the bag. realized that all the comms gear and
pcs needed to be connected to the upses before I left. Cursed swore and got
on with it. I have 3 700VA units so I staggered the stuff across all 3.
One ups is the wombat ups. It runs wombat, wombat’s modem and the 24-port
switch. Celeron 333 so not a big load I would say. The second ups runs toiga
the billion and a power board for misc stuff. the 3rd ups runs gotss1, the
transport and the netgear. A hell of a recable but probably worth it. I need
to put the line conditioner in line with the ups at some point didn’t get to
it this time. Got Gemma to throw the main power switch. No computers dropped
out but the blip reset the transport. These are not true upses that run
things off the batteries they flick over when the power goes out with a
relay that is supposed to kick the inverter in rapidly enough to keep stuff
running. Most things with caps don’t notice but the transport is sensitive
to dips in the power.
Over all I am absolutely bloody chuffed about this given the fact that the
upses keep the core of the network running eextremely well and lightning
storms should not bounce the servers anymore.

Called a cab and piled all the luggage in. Trip to the airport was
unaventful. laptop bag was over weight but the woman let it through. I must
have smiled at her or something. Just goes to show puddle was over 7kg. glad
Gemma has a light notebook.
The virgin flight was rather good actually we were in the front row and
noise was minimal. used noise cancelling headphones to listen to aircraft
entertainment and they worked extremely well. Really cut down on the engine
noise and gave my ears a break.
Mum was in sydney waiting for us and she met us easily enough. We had
Macdonalds at the airport and got a cab back to the country comfort which
was rather nice to get to. Tried accessing the wireless hotspot nearby but
had no luck. Even did a site survey. As usual I was not happy with “it isn’t
working” and had to hunt for access points in the local area. I wish I could
give me a break at times.
Gemma was so tired she couldn’t read the aircon controls and just went to
sleep. Mum helped me with the aircon. Gemma did not sleep well and was too
scared to shag me when mum was in the same room. Silly girl mum
never worries about that stuff. still we live and learn.

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