13th Jan holiday post

Ok the story continues.
On the 13th I ended up waking at 4:30 in the morning. Gemma had not slept
well and mum was awake as well. We all got up and had a cup of tea. I set up
my laptop and got the wireless hotspot working and checked my email. It cost
me a few dollars because the first few times I screwed up the process and
got charged for 15 minutes of time I did not use. I got my email checked
which was wonderful. We were also entitled to breakfast so at 7 we went down
and hat a hot breakfast. It was quite nice and I enjoyed it a lot. Hell I
sound like when I write that sort of stuff.
We dragged all our gear to the train station and were an hour early. thems
are the breaks. Train trip was unaventful but I did use the noise cancelling
headphones and they worked well on the train. Lunch was Beef Burgindi in a
red wine sauce and a death by chocolate dessert which was called a “Def by
chocolate dessert” by the announcer. Food was good by railway standards.
There was this kid on the train called Steven who was constantly talking and wanting to play marbles all the time. We spent the trip plotting his demize which made his parents laugh a lot. We arrived in Willowtree at 3:10 or so and it was bloody hot. 35 degrees in
mum and dad’s dining room. We decided we would sleep through the heat of the
day and wait for it to cool down. My Nanna and Aunty Wendy turned up at
about 6 or so with Red Rooster. As usual they had not ordered enough which goes to
prove they don’t know how to buy take away for a group of people. Not a lot
else happened this day we went to bed early and slept well.

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